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Most were emailed, all absolutely genuine.
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Dear Peter, 
I write to let you know that the Italix Captain's Commission arrived here safely today. Thank you as always for the very efficient service. 
Since first buying one of these for myself earlier this year, I have now bought two more as gifts for friends. I have been delighted with the Fine Italic nib, ground in your workshop, which is beautifully smooth and wet. The pen has a lovely length, girth and heft to it which combine to make it such a pleasure to use. Having now purchased more than 200 fountain pens over the years, this one is certainly one of my most enjoyable and successful acquisitions. 

The one received today is intended as a leaving gift for a friend who is also a discerning and experienced fountain pen enthusiast and I am sure that it will be much appreciated.
With best wishes.
Rupert A
27 Oct 18
Dear Peter,

I just wanted to drop you a message to say how much I have enjoyed using your pen this week. I ordered the Parsons essential with medium italic nib. It is simply fantastic. It a lovely weight and balanced pen and the feed keeps up perfectly with what I write. I shall certainly be back for other pens to try different nibs when I have the opportunity. 

Many Thanks

The Revd G F
15th Jan 18
Good afternoon 

I have just received my order of The Churchman's Prescriptor and felt I needed to get in touch.

I ordered the pen after seeing a review by sberbrown and all I can say is WOW. The pen is beautiful... it's heavy, but not to the point where I become tired using it. The grind (italic f) is professional and isn't scratchy at all. It wrote straight out of the box, and the finish is stunning (understated but gorgeous).

I can honestly say that this will most likely become my go to pen for day to day writing.

Keep up the excellent work.

Warm regards 


I recently ordered a Parsons Essential from you on 8th July (order no 29090). My pen arrived yesterday 18th July, I got home from work, and there was the box waiting in our mail box! Woohoo ( I was like a kid with a new toy).

First of all I would like to say how easy the whole process was, your website worked perfectly, lots of good communication, and the pen turned up in pretty good time, and very well packed to boot. Considering its come a long way.

I was intrigued by your pens, and only found your brand by accident when I saw one of your pens on a Massdrop email, as much as it would be good to get stuff from Massdrop the extra postage means that most things are not cost effective by the time it gets to NZ. The Google algorithms obviously don't push Mr Pen to the top of an NZ based general search! 

Anyway, I did a bit of searching for your pens, and that ever popular and slightly nutty SBRE Brown could not speak highly enough of your pens. I am an expat Brit who left the mother country 37 years ago, and Stephen Brown lightens the day (how did someone from the Netherlands get such an English name?), I must have burned my retinas out watching his reviews.

Anyway (once again), I found your website and was able to order direct from you, which is really neat, especially when we live in a world of middle men (and middle women?) who clip the ticket.

Your pens are b****y good, no doubt about that, and they represent fantastic value for money, and they look good (very good) write well (right out of the box), they feel just right (well balanced) just the right size (perfect for my hand) and put more expensive pens to shame (too right). The pen in the flesh is beautiful to look at, and very well made.

Its only been 24 hours since it arrived, but I have chewed the ears off four people who have also had the pleasure of trying the pen (and anyone else who will listen!). We must be a sad bunch here in NZ, with nothing better to do than rant and rave about fountain pens! (my wife and kids think I'm nuts at times).

The tuning of that nib was perfect (medium Itlalic), and for a steel nib it was so smooth, and well, just, perfect! what more can a man say. I'm very impressed, and a happy punter. Please feel free to put this on your testimonial list, more than happy to give credit where credit is due.

Next on the list is the Churchman's Prescriptor, can you confirm if the section by the nib is still short enough for the pen to be held above the gold/brass collar, and grip the actual barrel, which is the way its supposed to be held. I'm sure I read somewhere that you had changed this dimension, as some people did just not get how to correctly hold this pen?

The pen case was great, and this was the first time I had tried Diamine Royal Blue ink, and happy with that too.

Enough from me, thanks for getting to the end of the page :)

Look forward to hearing back regarding the Churchman's Prescriptor.



New Zealand
19th July 17



Just wanted to say thank you!
I've now had my Parsons Essential for a few days now (I chose a left footed oblique - fine), and my god it's a beauty to write with!
I have used LAMY's, watermans and many others, but none of them come close to the quality and smoothness of this pen. The nibs is exquisite - an absolute pleasure to write with.

On my recommendation, a friend of mine also purchased this pens and he too has had the same response!

You can guarantee I'll be back for something else in the future.

Thank you once again. Keep doing what you're doing,

George T
6th May 17



Dear Mr. Ford,


Many thanks for sending my beautiful new pen so quickly.


I have tried all sorts of Italic nibs, from  Platignum Schoolpens, through various Osmiroids, Parker C nibs and stubs, Conway Stewart, Sheaffer No-Nonsense and PFM, but I rate this among, if not the very best for my particular handwriting.



12 April 17



Dear Mr Ford,
Having now accumulated four Parson's Essentials (two black, one blue,
one amber) with a variety of nibs, I should just like to say what a
pleasure to write with and to look at they are. The Fine Cursive Stub is
a particularly delicious nib. The rapid response to orders is also much
With best wishes
Yours sincerely,
25 Feb 17


Dear Sir/Madam,
Just a quick email to thank you for my wonderful new Italix "Parson's Essential", which arrived here in Canada on January 13th (my apologies for waiting two weeks to write this email). The pen looks gorgeous, the Med stub nib writes beautifully and I consider it to be one of the best pen purchases I've ever made (and I have several hundred fountain pens :). Your workmanship is first-rate and exceeded even my high expectations. Ever since I heard Stephen Brown (SBREBROWN on YouTube.com) praising the pen many years ago, I vowed to buy one, but put it off. My only regret is that I didn't purchase it sooner. Thank you again for creating this pen model and for offering so many nib choices. I would not hesitate to recommend your company to my pen collector friends.
With appreciation,

    Maja F

Canada 28th Jan 17


Dear Peter, 

A year or two ago, I purchased two pens from you, the Parson's Essential and the Churchman's Prescriptor.

 Well I made a mistake with the initials on the order  – but I was so impressed at how helpful you were and how you threw in another corrected initialized cap – when you really did not have to.

 I cannot thank you enough for that customer service / act of kindness - which totally won me over.

 Well as a fountain pen geek, your pens themselves won me over  –  and I have to tell you that the two above pens are certainly  amongst the finest in my impressive collection.

 I will be buying a couple more pens from you in the coming weeks which I am really looking forward to.

 With warmest regards and many thanks

 Nick K
16 Jan 17

Dear Mr Ford,

My new pen is an utter joy to look at, hold and write with. I am like a small child with a new toy. I bought the medium italic nib, which is perfect. The engraving is very well done. I love the delicious green colour and how that contrasts with there silver and gold coloured nib. It is 30+ years since I have had such a lovely smooth writing pen. I have bought calligraphy pens over the years but they are rather hit and miss with respect to the flow of ink.

The case is also perfect. I am glad I decided to get that as well as I think it will reduce the chances of my pen going astray too quickly!

Thank you so very much.

Dr. Kate T
7 Jan 17
Just received my Parson's Essential (Green, medium nib) and I must tell you that it literally took my breath away when I opened the box. Green is my favorite color but I wasn't prepared for how absolutely gorgeous is this pen's particular shade of green. Your photos and video don't do it justice!  I inked it up this morning with Diamine Classic Green and again was so pleasantly surprised at how it glides across the page with no effort at all.   I usually spend a while fussing with nib polishing and adjusting; not this time.   I think I'm a customer for life now!

Arlene H
28th Dec 16
Dear "Mr. Pen",
I have received today my new Parsons's Essential and decided to write this mail to thank you because it is a very, very beautiful pen and also fit perfectly in my hand. I've just inked it up and... oh... that Broad Italic nib it's amazing, beautiful line variation and it is so, so smooth that with my incorrect and poor english I can't find the right words to explain my appreciation.
As you can see I'm very excited because this wonderful pen it's may first "serious" everyday writing italic fountain pen... so thanks again... marry christmas and happy new year.

Alessandro B
14 Dec 16
I never write to companies whose products I use , however I wished to email you after receiving a Churchman's Perscriptor italix fountain pen from my wife as a birthday present....I have only been using this pen for a few hours but I will be whole heartedly recommending this pen to everyone I know who use fountain pens. it is a joy to write with.

John V
10 Nov 16
Mr. Ford,
I wanted to let you know that I received my Parson's Essential fountain-pen approximately a week and a half ago.  I am thoroughly ecstatic about it.  It is an absolute beauty to look at and writing with it is amazing, it seems to float across the paper as I write.   I use it for practically everything and think I may need to order another pen or two; this being my first serious fountain pen, I'm unsure of the durability of nibs and what not.  Your service was impeccable, you replied quickly to my queries and shipping to the United States was fairly quick.   You've earned yourself a customer for life.  Thank you.
Travis C L
4th November 16
G'day Peter, i received my Italix Churchman Prescriptor in the mail today and i struggled to put it down to send you this message! I sincerely can't add anything more than all that i have read in the reviews regarding you,  your service and products except to say, "oh so many FP i have purchased over the years and some at many times the price and this is absolutely without a doubt the first one i loved the moment i touched it and the first stroke was sheer delight. You will certainly hear from me again and please feel proud in the fact that you have put an enormous smile on the face of another extremely happy person on the other side of the world!
sharon G
9 Sept 16
Dear Mr Ford and everyone there

A brief note to say that yet again I am highly delighted with my second pen from you. I use my Italix Churchman's Prescriptor everyday for a diary entry. My oh my, such a joy to write with. Such a joy to behold too.
Now, all I have to do is consider which pen to order next for my collection.

Thank you so much

Kind regards
Lyn C
East Riding of Yorkshire
29th Aug 16
There's more I wanted to add..have a few moments..

To me, it matters greatly that a real person shaped this nib to what it is. All my life, I've been surrounded by the "wonders" of mass production and I'm absolutely sick of it.

Great for screws, car tires and socks; not so great for other things, including pens.

I have 4 or 5 pens that are excellent; this Parson's Essential is among them. All have hand-ground/tuned nibs and I believe that, blindfolded, I could tell the difference while writing with them. For one thing, the Essential's nib "sings." How lucky!

This might sound sappy, but it seems like the energy and craft of the nib masters such as yourself, carries through in the writing experience.

It's highly unlikely that I won't get another one of your pens, but if I never got another pen at all, this one would be a great one to write with for the rest of time.

9th Aug 16


I would just like to thank you and congratulate you on your prompt service in delivering my new Captain's Commission; it is a lot of pen for the money and a joy to write with.
I ordered an italic broad in the hope that it would be suitable for writing in Arabic (ruq'a) style script and I have to say it exceeded my expectations. It is perfect for my needs and will be my 'go to' pen for writing Arabic from now on. May I suggest that this be a selling point if buyers are looking for a pen to duplicate the styles of Farsi, Dari, Kurdish, or Arabic, the broad oblique is wonderful at duplicating the stylus used in traditional calligraphy.
High Wycombe
20th July 16


I have had the good fortune to have had several expensive pens in my search for the "pen of pens" - a smooth wet reliable nib with line width variation - I found this in the Churchman's Prescriptor!  What a great pen and excellent nib!  I have it in the medium (italic) board (italic) and double broad (italic) - and the Prescriptors are on par ( or better) than the MB Meisterstuck, the Pilot 823, and the Visconti Homo Sapiens (bronze age) !  Many thanks again, Scott from Vancouver
4th July 16


Dear Mr Pen,

thank you very much for the quick delivery.
I am truly impressed by my new Parson's Essential pen. It is a classic design that looks worlds better in person than in a picture on a computer screen. The material feels high quality too and I am sure it will turn out to be very durable.
The pen has a certain weight to it, without being heavy. This contributes to a feel of quality, durability and reliability, things that sometimes lack in more expensive pens.
Lastly, I am amazed with the oblique italic nib. It produces a very characterful writing and as far as I can tell is totally unique. It is not scratchy, does not have hard starts, it just writes perfectly. Of course, it being an oblique italic, I have to hold it at the correct angle, but when in its 'sweet spot', it is a great writer.

Thank you very much from a pleased customer.

Best regards,
Dries 30th June 16



Dear Peter and the staff of Mr.Pen, 

Having just received the Parsons and the Churchmans I wanted to express my thanks at your quality client service and to add my appreciation that you threw in another engraved cap after I had sent

you the wrong initials.

That was clearly my mistake and since you had already engraved and packaged the products you could have just sent as is – but you made an extra effort – and I am endebted to you.

You have certainly won me over and I look forward to buying many more pens from you in the future.

 I should add that both pens are delightful –

 With warmest regards and earnest thanks.

 Nick K
26 April 16


Dear Mr. Ford,

I've just received my Captain's Commission pen, and I have to say it's the smoothest italic nib I've ever used. Other pens I've paid substantially more for don't come close to it in ease of writing and comfort. The quality feels great, it looks great and it's just all round perfect.

I have to say I'm curious as to how you make them. I heard about Mr Pen and Italix pens from www.reddit.com/r/fountainpens - I'll be posting a review there soon and recommending my pen and your brand there. If you want to advertise a little, and probably get a few sales, you could arrange to do an "a.m.a" or "ask me anything" there, which is essentially just a Q&A session.

Many thanks from a very happy customer,

Thomas J-B.
22nd March 16



Greetings from Toronto, Canada,

 I received my "italix Churchman's Prescriptor" pen a few days ago and all I can say is that I absolutely love this pen!!

 it's a fantastic pen, a joy to use and a wonderful addition to my collection.

 My next purchase will be the Parson's Essential.

 Once again, Thank You, Thank You, Thanks You



Toronto, Canada
27 Jan 16


Dear All at Mr Pen

I can't believe that my order arrived this morning at half past nine. I only ordered it yesterday afternoon at ten to three. That is outstanding service.

As for the Italix English Curates pen - it really is a fine specimen. Every bit as good as I had been lead to believe. I have the red version and I like it very much. The Sheaffer  Skrip red ink compliments it beautifully. They are made for each other. I am a happy bunny. Thank you very much indeed.

Kind regards
Lyn C
23rd Jan 16


Dear Mr Ford,

It has been a couple of days now since I received the Italix Churchman's Prescriptor with Medium Italic Nib, and I would like to offer by way of thanks, the following testimonial, which I would be more than happy for you to put on your website!
The pen itself: 
I ordered the Churchmans Prescriptor from the website, and it was delivered within about 2 days time. The pen is very attractive to look at, well balanced and sturdy to hold, whilst still boasting an unusual body shape that sets it apart from other pens in my collection. It is for many on the larger and heavier side of fountain pens, but I have been using it consistently for several days now, writing reams of pages with it, and have not yet encountered any writing fatigue, not have i felt it was uncomfortable to write with. The design is for me, personally very ergonomic and accommodating to my style of cursive handwriting.

The nib is a medium italic. I was initially worried that being an italic nib, it may cut into the paper or dig in, but i decided it was worth risking, with the advantage of getting better line variation than a stub nib. As of yet, I have not encountered ANY  hard starts, nor cutting/digging into the paper, and I have no doubt that this is largely due to the excellent grinding and smoothing done by those at Mr Pen. 

The nib shows plenty of line variation, enough to be obvious and yet subtle enough to be used for day-to-day writing. Everyday handwritten notes and messages, or pages of tedious work, become significantly more beautiful to write, with smooth thick and thin loops scattered across the page. I strongly recommend both the nib, and am highly appreciative of the effort put in by those at Mr Pen to make the nib as good as it is.

About the Customer service:

Not only is it very rare these days to come across a company that treats their customers as well as Mr Pen do, it is also incredibly reassuring to know that when you do buy from Mr Pen, you are buying from a company that truly cares for the happiness and contentment of their customers with their products. This is obvious in all the small and great extents Mr Pen goes to to ensure customer satisfaction; the 30-day free nib exchange should you be unhappy, the free online advice, the very friendly and customer-oriented help and support you will get if you ring up and ask any question, no matter how stupid. 

I am not often this enamoured by a company, but from the service I have received and the excellent product itself, I will not only strongly recommend Mr Pen and their products to others, but I will also have very little doubt in my mind as to where I will be making all future fountain pen purchases from.

Thank you again to Mr Ford and all those at Mr Pen,

Wishing you a very successful new year,
Kind Regards,
3rd January 2016



Mr. Ford,

I am old. Sort of. And an academic who has used fountain pens for as long as I can remember. At least since college, when I could go back to choosing my own writing instruments (Sheaffer school pens! yay!). I have a small army of old Sheaffers and Parkers from the 1920s on, also a couple old Waterman pens, 2 Pelikans (one vintage one modern) and even a 90s era Montblanc 146. I don’t know a lot but I know a little about pens.

I bought an Italix Parson’s Essential on Massdrop on a whim. There was no savings really and it took more than 2 months to get here, I was grumpy when I opened the box. But goodness, when I inked it! WHAT A PEN! I have all manner of Ft. Madison stubs and italics and have always considered them the gold standard of stubs, your grind is just spectacular. My hat’s off to you, this pen is a joy. I got the medium stub and I can not remember the last time I had a pen this cheap, with a steel nib that wrote like this. Also it has a great fit and finish, nice lacquer over sturdy brass but not too heavy, pretty Celtic bands, really a nice pen and the nib is perfect. I am impressed. An overall impressive pen, looks, ergonomics, and especially nib all punch above their weight.

I only wish you also made this stub in a gold nib. That would be superb.

Thank you.

Everything Everbest,

Kevin P
Seoul, Korea
11 Dec 15


Dear Mr. Ford,

 The Churchman’s Prescriptor that I ordered on Monday arrived in this morning’s post, and I had to contact you to tell you of my absolute delight with this pen.

 I have purchased 3 Parson’s Essentials from mrpen.co.uk in the last month (1 as a Christmas gift), but I have clearly saved the best for the last (latest?) order. The Churchman’s Prescriptor fitted with a Medium cursive nib is simply the best writing instrument that I have used – ever. I own some expensive fountain pens, (Mont Blanc Meisterstück 149, Sailor King of Pens, Pelikan Souverän M1000 Stresemann), but none has the feel of the Churchman’s Prescriptor nor the unbelievable touch of the nib. I do like the ever so slight feedback of the Fine cursive nib but there is no pull or bite whatsoever from the Medium nib, it is truly like writing with butter. Amazing.

 It was my very good fortune to stumble upon mrpen.co.uk, and my continued very good fortune to find a dealer like you who puts such care and consideration into the preparation and dispatch of overseas orders. 



 Associate Professor of Digital Humanities (Retired)

Brock University

St. Catharines, ON

12th Nov 15


Dear Mr. Pen
Ordered online on Thursday and it arrived at my door this morning (Saturday).  Fantastic.
I have a great many fountain pens collected over many years and most of them look great but the same can’t be said of how they write.  The good writers are in one collection the rest (majority) are in another.  The Parsons Essential isn’t in either collection for two reasons.  First, because it will be in everyday use but when it is having a short rest it will live in the GREAT writers collection.  It will have few bedfellows.  I love italic nibs but they can be unforgiving and as I write a lot every day, keeping the nib in the sweet-spot can be tiring.  So I ordered a broad cursive stub. Wow.  I don’t know how you do it but just don’t stop doing it as this pen is up there with the best of them.  Thank you and well done sir.
Best regards,
September 2015 



I did post a review for this pen online, but I wanted to write a quick “Thank you”. Really, this is a wonderful pen. I have other pens, but this has taken over all my writing duties. Nice balance, nice flow to the nib (even with Noodler’s Black which is semi-permanent – don’t worry I clean itJ) I really could not think of anything to improve. Also, the pen is a very good price. I would be a repeat customer for you, but I cannot imagine the need for any more pens now that I have this one (probably will order some nibs though!). I use this pen at work every day.
31st July 15
Dear Mr. Ford,

I have just received the Churchman's Prescriptor ( a Medium Italic nib). ... If I sound too effusive, this is just a result of using this pen, I think I will be forgiven.

Honestly I am quite overwhelmed by your product.... The Parson's Essential is my daily use pen ever since I started to use it, but the Churchman's Prescriptor is simply brilliant... And I thought things could not be better than the Parson's, how wrong could I get! 

I have been very reluctant to use italic nibs for a daily use pen, but this has changed my perceptions completely and now I have two daily use pens as I simply cannot choose between them.

I do not have the words to properly  praise the product, the wonderful italic nib or how extraordinary the writing experience is. 

Again my thanks for conceiving of and making such wonderful fountain pens.


11 07.15


Having read so many glowing reports about the Italix range of budget pens, and seen the reviews and samples by SBRE Brown, I purchased an amber Parson's Essential and a black Churchman's Prescriptor from Mr. Pen / P.J.Ford; both arrived the day after purchase and were in perfect condition. The finish on both pens was immaculate, the amber marbling contrasting with the pure glossy black of the other, and although I ordered plenty of cartridges each came with a converter already installed (although these are a vast improvement on the older suction lever system, I still find it impossible to get them even half full from a bottle and so prefer the less-'green' cartridges).

 The Parson's Essential is everything that has been said about it - small but not petite, solid but not heavy, and a nib that's as smooth as silk; I had a medium italic (1.1mm) ground from a standard medium, and decades' worth of dormant writing skills came flooding back. The Churchman's Prescriptor, with a 1.3mm italic, was I admit a bit heavier than I was expecting, but used without the cap posted it makes for a more conscious effort to form the slightly larger script.

 Overall, fantastic pens and wonderful service, cannot recommend enough 

Many thanks for a wonderful ordering process,


C Palmer.

10 07 15

Dear Mr.Ford,

This is just to let you know that I have received the Parson's Essential today.

The online reviews are completely accurate about your product. It is of a quality that in many ways exceeds some of the other fountain pens I have purchased (some based on recommendations made by the same reviewers). The Parson's Essential is now the standard by which I will compare my future fountain pen choices with.

 It is an absolute delight ... Writes straight out of the box, smooth, wonderful in the hand and I'm exceedingly pleased with the choice made.

I hope that we will continue to benefit from your expertise and products for years to come.


Mumbai, India
7 July 15
Just wanted to let you know that the Italix range seems to garner very high levels of praise from the more knowledgable reviewers and their enthusiasm for your product led me to your site and it's  contents convinced me to purchase the Parson's Essential. 

I use fountain pens daily and I hope to enjoy this product and others from the Italix range for years to come. I can assure you it was not easy to select one from the options.

Thank you for creating it and giving us an opportunity to experience it.
26th June 15



Dear Mr. Ford,

I received my Italix Parson's Essential black today. The dispatch time was incredibly quick, taking into account the Medium Italic Oblique (right handed) I requested.

The build quality is on par with the best and the finish is flawless. The nib... well what can I say... It writes like a dream, surpassing my expectations. You simply feel the craftsmanship.

Thank you very much for an incredible writing instrument.

Best regards,

Dr. Andrei D
9th June 15


Arrived today - excellent service, thank you.

The pen (Essential, Blue, Fine Italic) is beautiful - I wish I had been able to find pens like this when I first learnt italic writing (44 years ago).

Robert L
23rd April 15


I just have to let you know how delighted I am with my Cross fountain and rollerball pens. They are exquisite. They will be a delight to use.

 Your service is excellent, second to none.

 I am recommending you to everyone I speak to.

 Thank you for your prompt service.

 Many thanks

8th April 15


I just wanted to send a quick e-mail to say thank you for providing such a great service and really lovely product.  I own a number of pens and am amazed by the quality and finish of both pen and nib.  
Look forward to giving it many years of use
31 March 15
The Italix Parson’s Essential fountain pen with a medium cursive stub nib arrived safely today. This is excellent service, as I ordered the pen only the day before. I own several fountain pens including Pelikans and a Parker Duofold. But I have to say, that the nib that you have ground on this Parson’s Essential wins hands down! It is silky smooth and I could not be happier. In fact, I’m so impressed that I’m going to buy another one. The quality and construction are incredible at this price. This really is the best £40 I have spent in my life. Thank you so much!

Kindest regards,
A Gordon
28 March 2015
Received my parsons essential burgundy the day after ordering. the pics on the mr pen site do not do this pen justice impeccably finished and the fine stub nib writes like a dream. Well worth the money and all the good reviews are correct ,I can see myself buying another.
Jason P
15 March 15
‘I was so impressed by my purchase of the Parson’s Three, that I immediately bought two more pens, as I felt I must have all of the colours and most of the sizes!  I am enamoured of my new pens, and keep finding reasons to use them, because writing with them is such a pleasure.  Moreover, the prompt and efficient service, including the free replacement of a wrong nib type I ordered by my own error, make this company an absolute pleasure to deal with, reminiscent of the good old days when the customer came first!’

 Very many thanks,
Kindest regards,
Ingrid (Rock)
7th March 15

Hi Mr. Ford,

I received my Beautiful Green Parson's Essential.  It is a pleasure to write with, just as smooth as can be.  It is a great value.
Thank you, it's nice doing buisness with you.
Oh,  how did the name come about?
Larry B
29 Feb 15
Dear Mr, Ford,
just received the broad italix nib with imperial purple ink.
What a blinder, Really happy with the purchase, The colour does shine through
Sheaffer ink looks mild in comparison.
Just written a letter as a result.
Thank you,
James B
20th Feb 15
Dear Mr Ford/Mr Pen,

After watching the Stevemeister's video review of the Parson's Essential, and noting its inclusion on his "greatest of all time" list, I ordered one as a 59th birthday present to myself. I ordered the pen on Saturday and it arrived Monday - and this included having my initials engraved on the cap. What service! This is how things used to be when customers mattered more than their money and when it was normal to take pride in a job well done. You are obviously a craftsman of the old school and I salute you. 

I'm not one for signet rings or monogrammed hankies or any show of ostentation, but I thought on this occasion I would take advantage of your free engraving service. I'm glad I did. It was very tastefully done and the pen exudes elegance and class. I've been a fountain pen user since I was eight years old and the nib is one of the best I've tried - it wrote beautifully, straight out of the box. I chose the italic fine, mainly because already have a large number of pens with every other conceivable nib option, but also because I do a lot of writing and I find broader nibs slow me down (and use a lot more ink).

The pen is outstanding - attention has been paid to every detail.  I would have expected a fountain pen of this quality to be three times the price. But          I'm glad it wasn't because now I can think of adding a burgundy one to the black I already have, and maybe a Churchman's Prescriptor after that.

Thank you from a satisfied customer
30th Jan 15



Just got the parsons and I can say that this pen is insane. It writes as good as any of my extremely expensive pens. How do you get it to glide so smoothly over the paper? -and the ink flow is fantastic. I've had 14 and 18k nibs that can't compare to this for smoothness When I was first told about how good your pens were, especially at this price, I was highly skeptical. But really this pen could have a much higher mark up and the nib alone would justify it. I highly commend your work and the skill of your nib grinder. Thank you kindly. I'll certainly have to purchase another pair of these pens! 

29 Jan 15


Hello Mr. Ford 
Just wanted to send a short note that I followed your advice on the medium cursive on the Churchmans Prescriptor and it is absolutely perfect.

Of the small collection of pens I own, this one is the perfect line size for me and hands down the smoothest writing. Zero skips. No hard starts. Still getting used to the higher holding point and the weight a bit but I love using the pen. Contemplating my next italix purchase already.

Thanks again. Very satisfied customer.

All the best 
Brad K
25th Jan 15

To my absolute astonishment I have just taken receipt of the Churchman Prescriptor that I ordered yesterday. If this is an example of your service, I'm impressed to say the least!
I've inked up the pen with noodler's purple and it is excellent, incredible value for money.
Many thanks
Kind regards
Al Gi
23 Jan 15
Dear Mr. Ford,

I would like to say thank you for your advice yesterday afternoon, and very prompt service as I received the above pen before 09.30am today.

I must say I was a little unsure about ordering a medium italic as although I have thirteen other pens I have never tried one before, but as soon as I inked the pen up and started writing with it I loved it and now cannot see myself going back to a "plain" nib.
I look forward to purchasing a few more of your wonderful pens in the near future.

Yours Sincerely, 

Ms C. O'D
14th Jan 15



Dear Mr Pen,

Many thanks for the wonderful Parson's Essential fountain pen which writes superbly smoothly, feels comfortable, substantial and luxurious, and looks great too.
Thanks too for the speedy delivery.

KB 8 Jan 15


thank you for such a beautiful pen this imperium state,wreaks of class and i can`t go overboard enough about your pens, also the leather case is brill, will be getting more from you, thank you again, frank p
7th Jan 15

hi, i would like to take the opportunity, to say that i have only just started collecting fountain pens, and the three i have bought from you,2 parsons essentials, and a captains commission,are an absolutely superb standard of workmanship.give yourselves a pat on the back, for turning out such quality pens. thank you.

31 Dec 14


Just received my Parsons Essential plus matching ballpen  from you.

I am in my 80s and lefthanded. Not a good combination! However all my life I have been interested in fountain pens and have collected all the expensive premium brands-Mont Blanc, Pelikan, Cross, Parker and many others and have found that each had its annoying characteristics. Upon receipt of my Parsons Essential this morning I filled it at once and was amazed at the smoothness and reliable inkflow plus the quality and weighting of the instrument. Mr Pen had provided a lefthand oblique medium for me which is just the job.

Well done Mr Pen!

Yours sincerely

Don W
30th Dec 14


Just wanted to say that you have made a 50+ year old lady feel like a kid already this Christmas!
I have just taken delivery of my Parson’s Essential which I have bought for my husband to give me for Christmas! I have been coveting one for a couple of years but due to various issues not really felt like celebrating Cmas or birthdays recently. Decided now was the time and duly ordered – opted conservatively for a medium italic ( or was it to allow me to go for an extra broad at a later date)?! Next day delivery – excellent.

Wanted to unpack and write immediately but settled for unpacking and just admiring – doubt I will last much longer before doing a dip test though! Can’t wait for Christmas day!! Just got to decide what to fill with!!

Even excited about the Diamine cartridges – haven’t used these before although do use Diamine bottled inks. I have been having leak issues with a Caran d’Ache which only seemed to be solved using their cartridges and am hopeful that the Diamines will also prove leak-free!

Many, many thanks,

SD 5th Dec 14


Dear Mr. Ford:
I received my pen today. Thank you!
The pen is every bit as good as described, indeed! It wrote beautifully and smoothly from the first. The pen is exceptionally well made. It feels solid and balanced in your hand. The nib is buttery smooth and leaves an even wet line; this is exactly what you would want from a fountain pen. I could not be happier.
Moreover, the speed with which it arrived in California astonished me. You must be commended for providing those of us who still enjoy using a pen to communicate with a truly fine product backed by exceptional service. Well done, Sir!
11th Nov 14


Dear Sirs

I can't begin to tell you how wonderful my Parson's Essential is!  It arrived most promptly last week and I have filled it with black ink. I can honestly say that it is the best italic pen I have EVER written with (and I started writing italic aged 7 in the 1950s,)

Very many thanks for solving what was becoming a major problem for mesince I find regular pens and nibs impossible to write with.

I shall certainly be trying out further pens in the Italix range and look forward to being in touch then

Kind regards JC
4th Aug 14

(This is a hand written letter, written in the most beautiful italic hand.)


 Dear Peter.

Just wanted to say how pleased I am with the burgundy Parson's Essential with a medium stub I received last week.  It is smooth and inky and works really well with Diamine Kelly Green - an ink I've found to disagree with quite a few pens.  The grind you've done on the nib is really quite special indeed!

Keep up the good work!
James G
7th June 14
Dear Mr Pen,

I ordered my Parson's Essential fountain pen, in blue with a medium italic nib, yesterday after online consultation about the best nib for me (being a leftie) with your people. It arrived promptly this morning and is a pure delight! I had been thinking about it for some time, having learned as a child (when Adam was a lad, it was so long ago) to write in the italic style but these days there is a distinct shortage of italic pens. I would agree with the excellent SBRE Brown video about the smoothness of the nib and the total writing experience. I have partnered my pen with Iroshizuko Shin-Kai, a tremendous match. Many thanks for an excellent product and superb service.

3rd June 14
Dear MrPen
Many thanks for the replacement converter for my Italix Originalis, which now enables me to use proper ink again. The pen is excellent - without doubt the best I have owned.
With good wishes
John Thrower
PS Please use this letter as a testimonial if you wish
30 May 14
(A hand written letter to MrPen)
Hello Mr Pen. 

Many thanks for the advice and the quick shipping on my new Parson's Essential. The advice was spot on. I love the nib and the whole pen too. I can't believe I've not treated myself to one before now. 

It's exactly what I was hoping for!

Many thanks.
31 May 14
Dear Mr Pen,

I have just received your Parson's pen and i am very impressed. As others have observed, it writes very freely and smoothly, better in fact than my Waterman at over twice the price.  The weight of it, compared to the Waterman, is on the light side. The finish is to a high standard. All in all, a very good pen, but when you take into account the modest cost, it's extremely impressive.

John H G
12th Feb 14
I received the pen cap you sent. I would like to commend you for the excellent delivery timing, and for the impeccable service you’ve consistently provided so far. I’ll certainly recommend your establishment to my friends. Thank you very much!
11th Feb 14
Hello Mr. Ford,

-delivery- I'd have received my Captain's Commission today already! That's in three days to Holland. 

-look and feel- I like to thank you personally. I love this fountain pen very much. When used uncapped is is really a delight of balance in my (rather large) hand. It feels so great! Just the right weight, fantastic look-and-feel. 

-nib- The nib is as if you have grinded it especially to fit my needs. I hesitated between a fine italic and a medium cursive stub and this is like something the best of both. Really silky smooth and forgiving as a medium sub, clear differences between the small and broard strokes as a real italic and not too broard for daily use on every ordinary paper or form. 

-rediscovering- After having used an iPad almost solely it is really different, because I had forgotten the delight of writing, and remembering that with a fountain pen like the Captain's Commission that is a true treasure!

6th Feb 14

just received mine and I am blown away!
every italix model is superb! And the nibs are unbelievable.
I am anxiously awaiting your next model, and hoping it is something oversized, like 149 size.
Your italix is in a class of it's own. You ought to take great pride in that.


5th Feb 14


Hi Peter,

 Just a quick email to thank you very much for the fast delivery of the pen which arrived in perfect conditions. The service you provide is impeccable.

 This beautiful green Italix Parson’s Essential exactly matches the Montblanc Irish Green ink I am using at the moment and like the other pens of the same style I have bought in the past it writes very smoothly with its broad italic nib.

 Looking forward to my next purchase from you.

 Kind regards,


8th Jan 14


"Hi Mr Ford,

I received my Italix Captains Commission (medium stub) a few days ago, and I love it! I'm already a very happy owner of the Parsons Essential and I will definitely be adding the Churchmans Prescriptor to my collection in the future!

I just wanted to add an extra note about your fantastic service - I originally received a different pen from your website as a gift, and it didn't really suit my tastes. After a quick phone call, you allowed me to send this pen back to you, to be swapped for the Captains Commission. It arrived  the next working day and you even threw in a bottle of Diamine ink to make up the difference in cost, even though there was no error on your part! Couldn't have asked for more - great old fashioned service!"

Thanks very much again,

Lewis Knights
4th Jan 14


received my "Captain's Commission" with broad stub nib today.  Inked it up and had a good write with it immediately.  

Thanks for your advice on the phone re nib widths and the Waterman Carene.  I'm delighted I chose this Italix model. It has a lovely feel in the hand and the broad stub is just what I'd hoped it would be (wet and very smooth for an "italic")
10th Dec 13
Hello Peter

Just to let you know that the pen arrived this morning. Perfectly packaged and presented.

It looks and feels of a first class quality. Having filled it and tested the writing I am delighted to tell you that it is has an easy flow and a well cut nib. Writing in my chosen italic style is a joy.

Many thanks for your service and the lovely product. I will shop with you again.

Kindest wishes


Robert S. E
26 Nov 13
Arrived today though I had ordered it about 4.30 the day before. Splendid service.
Thank you. Quote me anywhere you like.
Bernard Beatty
23rd Nov 13
Dear Mr Ford,

I have been using my parsons essential a little over a week. We were going away when it arrived, (which was a very pleasant surprise, how quick it arrived,)   I took it, unopened, with my other pens I was planning to use, and guess what? I ended up using the parsons essential all week.

Any problems? None! Everything that was said about the pen by others was spot on. I was thinking about working on improving my writing technique, but as the writing experience is so good, I might not bother.

Thanks for a great pen, and service, and wish you all the best Mr Ford
Kind Regards
5th Nov 13
A letter hand written to MrPen
Dear Team at MrPen
Thank you all very much for the three lovely pens I bought from you recently. I now have three of the 'Parson's Essential' with different nibs. The nibs are as smooth as silk and the balance of the pen as I write is perfect.
Thank you for a delightful product that I really enjoy using.
Yours sincerely
Margaret T
23rd Oct 13
Hi Mr. Ford, 
Thank you ever so much I received my pen today and it is simply the smoothest nib I've ever written with. 
I'd like to order another (once the blue Parson's Essential is back in stock) or perhaps the trio but for now will enjoy writing with my piano black variant with medium italic nib. 

David K
Sydney Australia 
9th Oct 13
Dear MrPen,

Would just like to say that I am so pleased with the Captain's, it is gloriously wet and flows like the nectar of the gods! The writing is so smooth with fabulous line variation.

Thank you very much,
9th Oct 13
Dear Mr Ford,

Thank you for yet another brilliant pen from your company!

I initially bought the Parson's Essential (italic nib) a few months ago, and loved its looks and the nib so much, that as soon as I saw Stephen Browne's video on the Captain's Commission, I knew I had to get it as well and wasn't disappointed. Such a beautiful and smooth pen.

I am very pleased with the two pens that I now have, and for the great service.Looking forward to doing business again.Keep up the good work!

Kind regards, HT

23rd Aug 13
Dear Mr Ford,
I wanted to to follow up our conversation today to email my thanks for your service. I am pleases with my pen. It looks really well and I appreciate you taking the trouble to grind the nib to give the extra width. I really didn't expect you would do that. So I am a happy bunny and I have put a comment on the u tube video review of Stephen Brown and emailed him to let him know. He gives a lot to the pen lovers out there and it is only fair he knows when something is good. I passionately believe that good service does pay in the long run. I wish you well.
Kind Regards Tim.
Tim G M
20th Aug 13
Customer purchased the Italix 'Captain's Commission'.
I ordered a Parsons Essential fountain pen yesterday afternoon, for standard delivery.
It arrived this morning which is very impressive delivery. And the pen is a delight to use straight out of the box. 
Well done on providing excellent customer service and product. 
Thank you.
27 July 13



Yesterday I received the pen. I knew something about it, from numerous reviews on it, I found on Internet. All of them positive. So from the beginning I had great expectations. I filled the pen and after the very first word, I was able to understand where all the positive reviews came from. It's an excellent piece of work, sir! Thank you for it.  


Angel D
P.S. I placed already a review on the "trustpilot".
8th June 2013

Dear Sir,
              I wish to confirm receipt of my order for one cross sentiment pen plus converter and cartridges. As the order was only placed yesterday I can be nothing but delighted with the speed of your response, the pen itself is ideal for purpose, the heart charm will, I'm sure go down very well with the brides as they sign the registers !
Many thanks once again
St.John's Church
14 May 2013


I have already emailed to say how impressed I was with the quality of the two pens that I bought from you. The Parsons Essential and The Churchman's Prescriptor. This was before they were inked!
Having inked them both, I am even more impressed and I am at a loss to know how pens of this quality can be produced for the money. Makes me wonder what I've been paying for when I  have bought the so called quality brands. Please believe me when I say I have paid the price but that has never given me access to the quality build and the smoothness of these two pens.
Thank you. I will be considering my next purchase immediately. I'm even thinking of selling my collection because none of them can match the writing experience of these two pens!
Happy for you to publish this email and my name.
Brian Davies
4th April 13


Thank you for the fantastic service on my latest order placed yesterday and arrived at 11 am today.

As this is my second Parson's Essential, I knew what to expect and the latest one has not disappointed in any way. The same silky nib, impeccable finish and lovely balance. I love these pens!

The third pen is for a gift and I must thank you for the very nice and entirely appropriate gift wrapping.

It is a real pleasure to order from you and I will not hesitate to recommend you and your pens to my friends and contacts ...... and I will come back for more pens quite soon.

Thank you again
Kind regards

14 March 13


Dear Mr. Ford


Please feel free to publish this on your testimonial page.

 I can thoroughly recommend this company - nay, shout its name from the rooftop! To begin with, the choice of pens and nibs - and even inks - is just mind-boggling - it took me hours to narrow down my choices. I selected the Italix Teacher's double-ended pen and the Italix Original, with a medium oblique nib. When my order arrived, I had not realised that the Teacher's pen did not come with italic nibs - I telephoned and it was no problem at all to have the nibs changed to italic - no charge and even a Freepost label! Don't laugh, but I use the double ended pen for entering in my old-fashioned cash book ledger - black and red - the only drawback is that now I have a decent pen I am taking a bit more time over it!

 I will certainly be ordering again.

 Kind regards

 Michèle Feneley MA Cantab.

Company Secretary & Director

Dear Sir,

I received the Italix 'The parsons essential' today in the post. Thank you for your quick and helpful service.
I don't know a lot about pens and bought this one after quite a few recommendations from 'The pen network' forums, I am very pleased with it. All I have to do now is learn how to write.
Thank you once again.

Kind regards
23 Jan 13
Hand written letter:
Dear Mr Ford
Many thanks for the delivery of 'The Parson's Essential' fountain pen. The postman staggered through the snow this morning barely twenty four hours after I placed my order.
What a pen! A marvellously smooth broad italic nib with good ink flow even with, (as you can see) Montblanc blue black ink. This usually sorts out the men from the boys! The weight is perfect as is the balance. I particularly like the 1950s styling. What excellent value as well: it has the look and feel of a much more expensive pen. I have some 150 pens in my collection (a mixture of modern and vintage) so I know what I'm talking about. Thank you again, it is a joy to use.
Yours sincerely
Geraint Jones
PS Feel free to use this letter as a testimonial!
18th Jan 13
I just wanted to say how impressed I was with the helpful service I received, from my initial enquiry over the phone to receiving my order yesterday - thank you.

Best wishes
Alison H
19 Dec 12
Dear Mr. Ford,
 I am just writing to say thank you for the support and assistance from you company over the last few days, you have without a doubt one of the best retail companies I have had the pleasure of using. 
 Kind, helpful and considerate over the phone and the pen is just fabulous. I cannot praise Mr. Pen enough thank you once again.

Yours Sincerely
24 Nov 12


Dear Peter,

I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you once again for your professional and exemplary service.  I received my Cross fountain pen with the fine nib at 10am this morning, I must admit I was not sure if I would receive it today as it was after midday yesterday when I placed my order.  I also need to thank you for your service the day before when I purchased the Parson fountain pen for my nephews 21st birthday, he was delighted with it and I hope I have now converted another person over to the virtues of a fine fountain pen!

I have purchased a number of fountain pens from yourselves over the past seven years, commencing with the Conway-Stewart Churchill limited edition fountain pen and I still remain as impressed as ever by the quality of service you provide, so many businesses could learn a lesson from your excellent customer service, I would have to say that in my opinion you really do deliver world class levels of customer satisfaction.

Thank you once again, I will be back again soon looking for the next acquisition to my ever growing collection of fine writing instruments, all of which are used in rotation to keep them in good working order.

With very best regards as always,

23 Nov 12


Dear Mr Ford

Thank you very much for the Parson's Essential pen which arrived today and is a joy to write with.
Brilliant service and I will recommend you to everybody
With best wishes

7th Nov 2012


Dear Sir

Sorry for the delay in sending this email but I wanted to say thank you for the brilliant service and the exceptional quality of Parson's Original.

I have used the pen daily since it arrived and it certainly lives up to expectations and more. It is much better than far more expensive pens that I have purchased over the years and I have no hesitation in recommending it to other people.

Thank you.

Danny W

2nd Nov 12


Dear Sirs,

Just to let you know that my Parson’s Essential Fountain Pen (Invoice No: XXXXX arrived safely this morning.  Thank you for your speedy service.  I have just tried the pen.  It is as good as everyone says: a smooth writer with a lovely broad line.  Thank you, Stephen Brown on YouTube, for introducing me to it.  Otherwise, I would never have known it existed.


Best wishes.

Michael H. J (Edinburgh)


Dear MrPen,

Just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for your professional, speedy and personal service.

 Pen was delivered today, engraved perfectly and well wrapped. I’m sure the recipient will be thrilled.

 Thanks so much,


31 Oct 12 


Customer ordered two Italix Churchman's Prescriptor Fountain pens.

Dear Sir or Madam,

I ordered my two pens yesterday (one italic, one straight) and they came today- what service!  I am absolutely thrilled with both pens, I immediately filled them and started writing, and they both write very smoothly.  I have used your Parson's Essential pen for some time now and thought that was the best pen I have used, but I'm afraid the Prescriptor has surpassed the Parson's Essential.  I am a sessional wedding registrar, and your pens have never let me down, in fact my colleagues are very impressed with my pens and have taken details from me.  Not all pens cope with registration ink so thank you for your superb quality pens and service.

Kind regards

13 Oct 12


Customer ordered the Italix 'Original'

Dear Sir,
A number of months ago I had the pleasure of buying a Parson’s Essential pen from your business. I should like to say that
I have found it to be satisfactory in every respect: in ease of use, reliability, weight, and feel. You are selling a throughly good
product in an age when finding a good fountain pen has become nearly as difficult as finding hen’s teeth, for which I thank you.

Yours faithfully,
Michael George
7th Oct 12
Dear Mr. Pen,
    On 14 September, I ordered the subject pen.  To my delight, it arrived yesterday in excellent shape.  I had not expected such quick delivery since the pen had to sprout legs and water wings to cross the Atlantic.  At first glance, I was a bit disappointed as the pen was not quite as pictured on your site; instead of a definite red color it is a dark brown and has an end taper (which I quickly realized allows the cap to be screwed -and kept secure while writing- onto the taper, neat!).  I did notice the fine workmanship and fittings, so decided that if the pen function was as good as its looks, I would keep it.
   Well, you cannot have it back!  And I will not permit anyone else to have it, either!  It's mine!  And I fully intend to use and enjoy it for many years and as frequently as possible. 
   I have been an artist and semi-professional calligrapher for a long time.  For many years, I have purchased and used a variety of Italic and/or calligraphic fountain pens, generally sticking with the most utilitarian and least expensive.  This attractive pen is easily the smoothest writing and "best wide-nib" fountain pen I have ever owned, and oddly enough, it continues my practice of purchasing pens for their function rather than exalted prices.  I am so very pleased to have such a fine pen, at such a reasonable price and with such prompt service.  Thank you very much!
 audrey v
New York
25th Sept 12
Dear Mr.Pen
Ordered a Sigma pen at 2.30 yesterday and it arrived first thing this morning.  Delighted with it, writes like a dream.  Thanks very much for an excellent service and good advice yesterday.
Joy D
11th Sept 2012


Dear Sir,

 I would like to thank the gentleman who helped me with my order 046977.

 He was extremely helpful. The pen arrived this morning and we are very pleased with it.

 Thank you once again for a fantastic service.

 Regards, Anita P

11th Sept 2012


Dear Peter

 I have just place another order for another two Italix pens and hope that this time I have got the details right.  

You may be wondering why so many pens so perhaps I should explain. I am a fine art student with a special interest in making artists’ books, most of which include handwritten text. I vary the text colour so keep different coloured inks in each pen, hence the different coloured pens. I use many types and grades of paper to make my books so it is important that the nibs can handle all sorts of surfaces – and they can! This time, I have ordered a spare extra fine nib which I hope will be suitable for drawing then I will have the perfect collection.

Weight, balance and handle of all my tools are important to me and pens are no exception. The Italix pens are such a pleasure to hold and use as well as being visually pleasing. They are a joy.

 Kind regards

30 Aug 12


Dear Peter

 Thank you for telephoning me yesterday to query my instructions. Once more, a slightly dodgy keyboard technique lets me down!

 The pens and pen case arrived early this morning and I am absolutely thrilled. I have, in the past, given up on a Parker Duofold and Senator that became temperamental almost immediately and never had such nice italic nibs as the Italix. I hung on for years to an old Sheaffer I have had for nearly forty years but even that old, leaky faithful is being pensioned off now. The Italix with fine italic nib gives me the speed and precision I longed for and seems to accept almost any paper without sticking or skipping. Lovely. Quite apart from all that, they are so satisfying to handle and attractive to look at – oh, and exceptionally good value.

 Once again, many thanks

 Wendy 24th Aug 12

(Customer purchased two Italix 'Original' Fountain Pens)

This customer bought an Italix 'Original' with 3B Nib

Thank you very much for my lovely pen!  The violet ink is a thrill as well.  I’ve realised that I don’t really write in Italic, I have a round hand that likes an Italic nib.  I’ve never before had a pen that was so easy to write with from the very first letter.  Also, I don’t know if you’ve heard of this but I realise that a very broad nib is helpful not only to take down judgments but because I have arthritis and sometimes writing can be difficult. 

Take it to work at all; I hope to get another one from you, just the black one, to use for work and to use with black cartridges.


Thanks again, N
Principle Barrister
23rd Aug 2012


My Dear Mister Ford,

This is a long overdue and apologetic note of thanks and appreciation for the replacement 1.3mm italic nib you air mailed to me for my simply wonderful Italix Parson's Essential fountain pen I purchased from you.  It is a truly wet, buttery smooth nib-feed combination, and the robust, hefty design and construction of the pen presents a bold statement in classically elegant simplicity.  The broad gold-tone Celtic chain band on the base of the cap is mesmerizingly appealing, harkening back to the long, illustrious history of fountain pens. And it writes like a dream!  I love the pen, and I'm thrilled to have it in my collection!  I will heartily recommend it to others.

All my very best to you,
Burlington USA
23 Aug 12


Dear Sr, 

I just arrived from a trip to Spain and my lovely Italix Parson's Essential was already waiting for me in my mailbox! Talk about fast shipping! 
The pen is a wonderful writer it looks pretty nice too! I love how you take care of your customers! I'm looking forward to my next order already! Thanks again!
14 Aug 2012


Dear Peter,

Very many thanks for your extremely impressive delivery time for the pen I ordered yesterday afternoon and was delivered mid-morning today.  And may I, of course, add what an extremely impressive item it is, value for money, exactly as every reviewer has described, and coupled with the-included converter (although I'm using Waterman bottled ink, Florida blue, my preferred!).  Smooth, effortless, even flow straight out of the box after a brief nib-unit rinse in tap water, and what seems to be a strong and businesslike barrel and cap.

I still have to acclimatise to the medium nib - I'm used to a Waterman Carene fine nib - but it prompts me to ask if a fine nib is available for this new Italix I have?

My best wishes, and I have bookmarked your site,


27th July 12


Dear Mr Pen

like all your testimonials I have been impressed by the quality of this matt green Italix Original italic pen. Your service too was very impressive arriving the following morning of my ordering the pen.


Admirable quality of my pen, so well balanced and I love turning once the pen top to secure its position


I hope to order a quantity of Euro refill cartridges in the very near future.


Thanks again for the pen and your service and advice over the phone



Hand written letter dated 18th July 2012.


Dear “Mr Pen”


Wow! Ordered after 2 pm and arrived before 9:30 am next day. What service. But it’s the pens that shine even more. They are absolutely first rate and write beautifully and smoothly. I can’t thank you enough.


Wendy 10 July 2012


Hand written letter received from the Netherlands

This is just a short note to let you know that I was shocked by the amazing quality of this Italix Parson's Essential pen, you have sold me italic broad. I own pens ten times the price of this one, whose nibs are not even close to the smoothness of the Italix nib. many thanks from a satisfied customer.

Kind regards


29th June 2012


Hand written letter received from London SE

'Just to say how extremely pleased I am with the Italix Plasza Shanty pen which you sent a week ago- its' a beautiful instrument!

Thank you also for your patient and excellent sound advice over the telephone, what a treat to have someone answer strait away!

This nibs seems to suit me and the balanced weight of the pen makes it a joy to use. Many thanks.'

23rd June 2012


Dear Mr Ford

I would like to add my commendations to what I am sure must be an ever increasing list of satisfied customers.

I was so impressed with quality, build, design and performance of Italix Parson's Essential and Italix Original Blue Velvet that I added a second order for an Italix Shorty and another Parson's Essential.

The quality of product is really very remarkable and I hope the Italix range continues to develop and prosper,

with kind regards


ps: may I invoke initials only anonymity
5th June 2012

Dear Peter


The pens arrived safely and they look just great.

Thank you very much for your professional advice and excellent service – it is really good to speak to someone who can give relevant advice rather than just ordering blindly over the net.


Will definitely recommend your service

All the best


4th May 2012


Letter dated 16th April 2012

Dear Mr Ford

I was going to email you about my recent purchases but, as on of the items was a fountain pen, decided this might seem a little perverse. Hence this letter.

While I realise the Parson's Essential ins not the most expensive of pens, it is in a price range I would not previously have considered. However on the strength of excellent online reviews and having discussed with you by telephone some of the nib options, I decided to buy one. Although I have only been using it a few days, I am delighted with the pen. Its weight, style and ease of use make it , in my view, excellent value for money.

IF of Cardiff

16th April 2012


Just a quick message to let you know that the replacement medium italic nib arrived safe and sound last Saturday. Thank you so very much for providing such rapid and wonderful service. I am happy to report that I really like this nib and it suits my writing style perfectly.
Whenever it's convenient for you, I would like to know how much I owe you for the postage and packing costs you incurred on my behalf. I would very gladly send you payment via Paypal.

Best regards.
JT of Malta
16 April 2012
Note: MrPen declined any further payment.


Dear Mr Pen 

I have received my Italix 'Parsons Essential' fountain pen today.  As always your service is prompt and efficient.  I absolutely adore the pen and know that it will serve me for many years. 

Thank you again.

With kind regards

Jan K....
1st March 2012 


Hi Peter

The pen arrived back this morning and I just wanted to say thank you so much for the swift and professional manner in which you handled my concerns.

The lid you kindly swapped fits the barrel end so much better and does not work loose as the previous did - a huge improvement - and how kind of you to include some complimentary Cross inks too - not forgetting the barrel change as was the main issue.

I will be raving about your site and customer service to all whom I meet and hope to put business your way in the future.

Thank you once again and best wishes,

3rd Feb 2012
Dear Peter

Just a follow up from our earlier telephone conversation. I now own 2 pens from you (Parsons Essential and Italix Original) and pretty much delighted with these fine writing instruments.

But, the reason why I'm writing to you is to congratulate on the impeccable service you provide to customers if there is ever a small hiccup. My Broad Italic nib seems to be misbehaving and you were patient, tried to understand the problem and decided it was best to send a new nib. You know, customer service like this is so hard to come by and will endeavour to deal with you again and again as I require more writing instruments.

Thanks again. Rod
18th Jan 2012
A hand written letter:
Dear Mr Peter Ford
I am just writing to thank you for the very good service and prompt delivery of my 'Parson's Essential' Fountain Pen. I aven't used a fountain pen for a long time, and I am delighted with my Parsons, which is a birthday gift from my husband. The pen is fantastic quality and writes very smoothly, I am sure I will have many years of pleasure using it. I will not hesitate to recommend MrPen to others, and the Parson's Essential.
With regards D J
4th Jan 2012
Dear Mr Pen,
                      we were deeply impressed by the quality of pen and of engraving, amazed by the speed of delivery and delighted to deal with a supplier of such friendliness.
                                 with grateful thanks, 
                                                                   BHS 30th Nov 2011
Hi there

I have ordered pens from you quite a few times now and have been very impressed with your service but yesterday you excelled yourself!  I placed my order at 1.30pm yesterday and received it today complete with engraving on the pen and the plate.  Incidentally, the free plate is a great touch.

I have just tried to leave a review on Trustpilot but it wouldn't accept my order number for some reason.

Anyway, many thanks for a truly first class service.

Best regards,
Audrey Reece 
Payroll & HR Officer
15th Nov 11


Dear Mr pen,

Many thanks for the prompt delivery of my beautiful'' ITALIC'' pen ,. It writes  smoothly and the ink flows freely.

I now have to learn to write slowly and clearly, so that my children, grandchildren and friends can read my ''words of wisdom''

Yours faithfully,

Marjorie N
7th Oct 11


The following is a hand written letter received at our offices on the 14th of July 2011 regarding the purchase on an Italix Original Fountain Pen:

Dear Sir

The demise of my old Parker 61 was a source of great sadness to me because I was to discover that the italic nib with which it was fitted was no longer available. For years I made enquiries in Pen Shops without success. Recently I started searching the internet and eventually happened on your website. The Italix pen you recommended is exactly what I've been looking for: stylish but most importantly with excellent ink flow and a nib which slides over the paper effortlessly. I once again enjoy writing letters. Thank you so much.

Yours faithfully

Ampleforth Abbey
12th July 2011



I just received my Italix Original yesterday, and it's exactly what I'd
hoped for. I have to admit that the weight took me by surprise (that'll
be the brass lining) but the balance is good enough, and the nib has
made a huge improvement. Thankyou!

Kind regards,
James F
13th July 2011


Good evening
I just wanted to say I received a Parson's Italix Fountain Pen and Cross pen case from my friend as a birthday present about a week or so ago. The pen is beautiful and writes as well as any I have in my small but growing collection.
I look forward to using it and ordering from you again in the future.
With regards
Mark M
5th July 2011


I ordered an Italix Red at 16:30 on Friday and it arrived at home Saturday morning: fantastic service. The pen is even better than I expected in terms of build quality and nib smoothness, and I find it hard to believe that a company is producing pens of this quality for the full price, let alone the amazing offer price.  

 I did just want to ask which of the Italix replacement nibs would fit this pen, as I am thinking of trying a cursive italic?

 Many thanks for first class service (yet again).



27th June 11

Hello Mr Ford

I was browsing the internet over the weekend when I came across your website.

I read the testimonials about the Parson's essential,  I ordered a pen "just to see" not expecting to get anything great for the price.

It arrived very quickly by  secure mail.

I opened the packaging and held the pen in my hand. I was gobsmacked by the quality of the pen.

It is well balanced and really solid.

I dipped it in ink and wrote, and my word! All I can say is that every word of appreciation written by each of your customors is 100% accurate.

I honestly did not expect that!. The superb quality and finish and the smoothness of the gold plated nib. Not in my wildest dreams did I imagine this quality from an "unbranded" item at such a great price.

I have been singing its praises to my friends who also use fountain pens.

Thank you very much for this wonderful piece of writing equipment.

 I would be very happy if you want to use the above as a testimonial on your website.
Dr.M Raza
3rd June 2011
Dear Peter;
Last weekend, and our wedding anniversary, saw my first opportunity to write with the Pocketo.  You were right (as, of course you knew you were); it does write incredibly well.
Ink flow was superb; just right. Smooth delivery but free of any pooling; even straight from a fill.  The nib glides soothly as expected. The most surprising aspect was the positive nature of the pen. It seems stiffer than my other pens; somehow more direct and precise. Writing is more comfortable too as a result.
I enjoy writing with all of my fountain-pens but this is instantly my new favourite.
A very nice piece of work.
Best regards,
23 May 11
Dear Peter:

I've received my new pen this morning, and just wanted to send you a note about just how pleased I am with it.   Wonderful, smooth writing - beautiful fine italic nib.  And the pen itself is lovely' neither the purple case nor the gold trim are garish; beautiful colour, wonderfully understated.  The pen is  weighted perfectly (so happy to have it back!); thoughtfully constructed:  the cap screws onto the end for writing so that it will stay weighted when writing and you don't lose the cap.

Thank you as well for the lovely engraving.  It shows up well in white, but is small enough to not overwhelm the good looks of the pen.

I also want to say how pleased I am with your service -- one would think it would be such a simple thing to offer accessible, courteous, prompt and friendly service, but it's so rare to actually encounter it, that it is important to laud it.  thank you!  Your service is as helpful and enjoyable this time as it was a year ago, and I hope to have more chance to experience it in the future, viz:

Now, I will want to save up for another.  It's nice to have a choice of ink colours.

Warm regards,
D. M. McCl, MSc., PhD
10 May 2011
Purchased an Italix Original Fountain Pen
Hi Peter and team,
Just a note to say thank you I have received the Cross Verve today it perfect order.  I am as always very impressed with your service and have now purchased a number of beautiful pens from you over the years.  Your standards are always very high and you create a true customer "wow" factor everytime, a commodity that is becoming so rare in our society today.
Again with thanks and with very best regards,
Neil D. S
14th April 11


Good morning.

I ordered a Parson's Essential fountain pen on Tuesday, and it arrived on Wednesday morning as scheduled.

I wanted to thank you for your very prompt and efficient service, and also to say that I am amazed at the quality of this pen for the price that you charge.

It is beautifully lacquered and tastefully decorated (enhanced again by your very nice and free engraving of initials), the weight and balance are superb (I write with the cap unposted personally, but it posts securely for anyone to whom that matters), and the nib is smooth and a delight to write with straight out of the box.

This pen puts to shame many of the leading brands at much higher prices for sheer overall build quality and feel, and for me it also surpasses many vintage pens that I have owned. To top all this off, I see that replacement nibs are available at a very reasonable price.

I wish I could say that I will be ordering another pen from you soon, but I am someone who likes to find a quality fountain pen and use it all the time, and this will be with me for a very long time to come! I will, however, recommend this pen to anyone asking for advice about buying a fountain pen.

Best regards,

Mike F

London W1
14th April 11


Good evening,

Thank you very much for my wonderful pen and your excellent service. I will use you again when the urge comes to buy again.

Mr M A D M.A.A.I.S.
Canterbury, Kent
7th April 11



Just a quick note to thank you for your speedy service and fantastic pen & pencil set supplied.  I am glad I phoned and asked for your advice.

 I am sure my colleague will love them.

 I will definitely keep your details on file and will pass your website on to friends and colleagues.

Iza W
23rd March 11

Dear Sir,

Thank you for dispatching my fountain pen (a Parson's Essential) so quickly!
It arrived about an hour ago and is already in use, I can't believe the quality of such a cheap pen, it is ridiculously good.  The final thing is, the nib is OK, not as 'medium' as I had feared.
Once again many thanks.

15 March 11

Good Moring Peter,

 Pens arrived by post this morning.  Many thanks for your speedy and efficient service

8th March 11

Good morning
I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say that I have received the pen that I ordered yesterday and I am very happy with it and to thank you for your help.
Many thanks
22 Feb 2011
I would like to thank you for the excellent and speedy way which you dealt with my query/problem with my Doctor's Pen.

I am very impressed and I will continue to recommend you to friends.

Thank you,
20 Feb 2011


Hi Peter
My pen set has arrived today fantastic thank you I will definately recommend your site to my friends.
Regards Kare

13 Jan 11n

Good morning Peter, just a short message to let you know that the pens have arrived safe and well. Thank you for your help and prompt service. We do this every year and you can be reassured we will be using your company in the future.

All the best.

H.R., H&S and Fleet Manager
13 Jan 11

I have just received my pen and would like to thank you very much for your excellent service!   The nib is much better now - hopefully my writing will be too!
Again, grateful thanks
11 Jan 11
Dear Mr Ford and Associates
I have just received my Parsons pen ordered only 48 hours ago. I want to take the opportunity to tell you how pleased I am -I had not expected a pen of such quality.  Its weight -the way it writes- the fact that it uses ink from a pot, give the impression of a quality that I didnt expect from a pen of this price. I am delighted !
Thank you and a Happy New year to you all !
1 Jan 11

Just wanted to thank you for sending my nib off so promptly.  I think I ordered it at about 3.30 p.m. on the 23rd and it arrived at 9 a.m. on Christmas Eve!  Best service ever, I should think!

 Kind regards

28 Dec 2010

Hi Peter,

Received the pen. It looks lovely. Thank you very much!

Kind regards,

7th Dec 10


Just a quick note to say thank you very much for the speedy delivery of the Schaeffer pen set I ordered yesterday.  It looks lovely, was beautifully wrapped and I am sure will be greatly appreciated by the intended recipient.




Calne Wilts
7th Dec 10


Many thanks for the prompt delivery of the pen sets, we are very pleased with the engraving and gilt plate and am sure our employees will feel the same when presented with them in December as they make a lovely gift.

 With regards

***Electric Motors Ltd
3rd Oct 10 

Hi Peter,
I have just received delivery of the pen I ordered (it came at the right time, but I was out and missed the Postie! so had it re-directed back for next time I was in)
Number 1. Excellent little widget you have protecting the nibs :)
Number 2: "Parsons" is a delight to write with (regular or italic) and gives very crisp lettering and smoothness! Take another :)
"Parsons" has a wonderful 'old school' heaviness that balances well in the hand, cap mounted or not - makes letter writing less of a chore as the pen's momentum keeps the hand moving - this pen could well end up as my favourite!
15 Oct 10


Dear Sir/Madam,

I wanted to thank you so much for the prompt delivery of my pen order of 2 silver engraved pens with a plaque on the case that you kindly changed to silver from brass – I clearly wasn’t thinking but you knew what would look best and they did. The pens were very well received and will be treasured and I will definitely recommend your company to others.

Thank you again.

All the best,

West London
8th Sept 10

I have bought fountain pens and bottled ink on three occasions from Mr Pen.  On each occasion, the pens have arrived very quickly and perfect condition.

While other websites and shops sell fountain pens, I have yet to come across the exceptional knowledge and customer service from Mr Ford, the gentleman behind Mr Pen

I have often asked his advice, and on each occasion, his advice has always been 'spot on', even if it is detrimental to a sale.

His attention to customer service also extends to after sale, which I found out only recently when the nib unit of a fountain pen broke by getting stuck in the lid.

I can not recommend Mr Pen enough for purchasing fountain pens and ink, and for repairs

Kind Regards

Sent from my iPhone
Sonia Rai
Barrister - Property Team
20th August 2010

Dear Mr Ford
Thank you for your excellent advice. I am delighted with the Verve pen.
Package arrived next morning as predicted, well wrapped.  I am now
thinking of purchasing a Verve platinum with a fine nib as well.
Best wishes Paul
Romsey, Hants
16th August 10

I just wanted to give you some really positive feedback on the service I've
had from you.  I placed my order about 11:30am yesterday for a pen and
engraving.  The pen was waiting for me when I got to work this morning and
is absolutely perfect.  The engraving and the presentation box are lovely
so just wanted to say thank you very much and I'll bear you in mind for any
pens I buy in future!

Kind regards

29th July 2010
Dear Peter,
I have just received my fountain pen set, as ordered with yourself yesterday. I am absolutely delighted with it, and every aspect of your service. You were extremely helpful with my many questions, and being 'old fashioned' I had many things I wanted to be sure of before ordering!  You provided me with all the answers, and I was able to proceed without hesitation. The fact that all is just as I'd hoped it would be with the pen set, the service and the engraving is excellent, - I will be more than happy to recommend you and use your company again in the future.
Many thanks,
A C(Mrs)
29th July 10
Dear Sirs,

I received the pen today and it's a wonderful writing instrument (Sigma Style).
I wanted to thank you for including a small converter which is very useful for me as I mainly use bottled inks and all the converters I have are the usual size.

So, again thank you and I wish you all the best !

Dominique Granger
25th June 2010
Thank you so much for all your efforts with this order and for letting
me know when it would arrive. The pen (Waterman Carene Amber) arrived
this morning. The nib suits my handwriting perfectly. The colour is just
as you said on the phone, much nicer in reality than in the picture. All
in all, I am very pleased, so much so that I am sure I will have to buy
more pens from you the next time I feel a need for a new one. It has
been a pleasure to do business with such a professional and helpful
company. I have already recommended you. Please feel free to use all or
some of this email as feedback on your website.

Best wishes, Helen
NW London
12 June 2010
Dear Mr Ford,
Pen arrived today, exactly what we wanted and excellent service.
Many thanks.
10 June 10


Dear Sir,
Thank you very much for the prompt delivery.
I rediscovered the pleasure of using a fountain pen after years of typing everything. I'm using it to make entries in a ship's log and it looks just right.
I liked your web site which strikes a nice balance between olde & e-worlds.
Kind Regards,
Mike H
5th May 10


Good morning.

 Many thanks for the prompt, efficient and courteous attention you gave to my order.

 The pen arrived this morning, 18 hours after I placed the order.

 It is perfect for my requirements.

 Kind regards,

Fife Scotland
7th April 10


Peter Ford

The Sigma Sentinal nib arrived today and is working well. Thank you for your prompt help. You have not only provided me with a great pen, your service is exceptional too.  

Thanks again from a very pleased customer 

D G  

PS. I’ve now learnt how to spell ‘nib’
1st April 2010


 I would like to thank you for all your help and advice when we spoke 
last Friday, it was much appreciated and I was extremely pleased with 
the Cross Century Pen, which duly arrived the next morning. I just 
hope that my wife's Godson appreciates what a super pen it is
I have to say that the standard of your help and customer service is 
something that is sadly becoming all to scarce in this day and age.
Many thanks again.
14th March 10


I received my pen today. It is perfect.

Thank you very kindly for your prompt and curteous delivery and for  the engraving of my initials in the cap
On Mar 5, 2010, at 4:19 AM USA



Just want to say thank you very much for my delivery this morning. The items are lovely and the service and delivery was very efficient.
Thank you again
Stockton on Tees
10th Feb 10


Dear Mr. Ford,
Just a word to thank you for sending the ink converter for the Cross 
Century pen, which has just arrived.  It's always nice to hear from a 
happy customer - so I thought you might like to know that I am as 
delighted with the pen as  with your impeccable service.
With best wishes for the new year.
5th Jan 10


Dear Sir,


A week ago I telephoned your office as I needed some advice about purchasing three pens as gifts.

I wished to purchase these pens on behalf of my colleagues in the County of Durham Registration Service and the gentleman I spoke to was very polite and courteous and extremely knowledgeable on the subject of fountain pens! I took his advice and am pleased to say that the pens arrived at my home within forty-eight hours of my order being placed, in a parcel which was well packaged.

I am absolutely delighted with the pens and the engraved plate just sets them off a treat! They are to be presented to our colleagues next week and I am sure they will be thrilled to receive them.

I would like to express my thanks and appreciation for all of the help and advice given to me. I had never visited your website previously and would like to say what an excellent site it is. I found the pages very easy to navigate and the information given, as well as the added bonus of photographs, was very clear and precise. When I telephoned I was addressed in a very professional manner by someone who knew his job inside out.

I can honestly say that I would have no hesitation in recommending Mr. Pen to anyone who wishes to purchase from an excellent Company who gives a first class customer service.


Kindest Regards, 

Principal Registration Officer

Training and Development

5th Jan 10

Hi there Peter,
That sounds Fantastic, thank you, I look forward to receiving it!! I knew you were the people to come to, after the Amazing pen that you supplied and engraved for me for my mum last christmas you were the only people that came to mind!!
Merry Christmas!
Thank you and kind regards!
A 24th Dec 09
Dear Mr Ford
Just to say thank you as the pen has arrived - its wonderful.
 Merry Christmas to you and yours and thank you once more
S. S
7th Dec 09


Dear Peter,

My Italix Pocketo has just arrived. I am very impressed by your speedy service, thank you.

The pen is lovely - just what I hoped for. I'll be back.

Kind regards
3rd Nov 09


Many thanks for pen received today - another excellent product from the old reliable stable.
Kind regards,
22 Sept 09




Thank you for all your help and guidance the other day when I purchased the above pen.  

An excellent recommendation, and a striking pen. It is rare to find both outstanding service and value for money within the same establishment these days.


Best Regards

Paul P
5th Sept 09


Dear Peter,


Following our conversation of yesterday, I just wanted to drop you a line to say a very big thank you for your excellent customer service, very fast delivery and all of your advice.


I received the pen this morning, beautifully packaged and I am thrilled with it. The nib choice was perfect for me, following your helpful email, and the pen is extremely comfortable in the hand, well balanced and writes so smoothly with even ink flow. All this, and a huge reduction in price. What more could I ask for? Amazing! I haven’t had a ‘Cross’ pen before, but would certainly recommend this lovely writing instrument to others. The materials used and build quality are excellent.


Do you have somewhere on your website where customers can leave their comments?


In future, when I am looking for pens and/or other writing supplies, I shall order from you.


Again, many thanks and best wishes,


27th Aug 09


Dear Peter and Team,

I have received the Cross Verve Platinum pen this morning, excellent delivery performance as I have come to expect from your selves.  I am extremely pleased and I echo your statement about it being "probably the smoothest fountain pen I have ever used".  Thank you again for a great customer experience from answering my questions through to prompt next day delivery.  I will be making use of your services again in the future.

Thank you again from a very satisfied customer.

With very best regards,

Ramsgate, Kent
26th Aug 09


Hi there,

We received our order this morning & are absolutely delighted with the fountain pens! I’m sure our directors will love their gifts, so thank you very much for all your help & the speedy delivery.


Kind Regards,

26 June 09


(Studio K Solar Fountain Pen)
Just to say thank you for such prompt service - and the pen writes 
perfectly, too.

best wishes
14 June 09


Pens have just arrived and they look great – fantastic service.  Thanks for being incredibly prompt – I am very impressed.

10 June 09


I want to thank you for my order, which arrived yesterday and is more than satisfactory.  I am particularly taken with the Havanna and grateful for the nib choices for the Italix.  Thanks also for the very elegant engraving.


Ms J A W

SW London
2 June 09

My order arrived today, and I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with it. The presentation, engraving, and the pen itself are all exactly as I had hoped they would be. And it arrived the day after it was ordered as promised, which can sadly be a rare thing these days.
Thank you for a top rate service. The recipient is graduating from Canada's Royal Military College on Thursday, and is a budding writer. I know she will be as thrilled as I am with the excellent job you've done.
8th May 09
Peter,just a quick message to let you know the pen arrived safely It is brilliant my endless search for the perfect calligraphy pen is finally over.Great design good balance and above all perfect nibs Goodby parker waterman and pelican, hello italix.
Thanks for your help,you certainly know your pens
Beat wishes and regards
1st May 09


Hi Peter
Many thanks for the fantastic level of service. Order placed 3pm yesterday, received pen before 9am today.
The extra delivery instructions were precise and clearly marked on the package.
The pen is beautiful and so heavy. I want one myself, now. My son will be really delighted.
Once again, many thanks. It was an absolute pleasure doing business with you.
Kind Rgds
David B
5th February 2009 

Thank you very much indeed for such quick service.  The pen arrived safely
this morning and looks good.

30 Jan 09
I've received the pen I've bought.
Thank you very much, the dispatch was fast and perfect, the pen is the best of my guess.
Kind regards

Edoardo Monfrinotti
Cameri Italy
25th january 09
Dear Sir/Madam,

Many thanks for you excellent service, my order arrived this morning 
just two days after ordering during a holiday period.

3 Jan 09
Dear Mr. Ford,
                  Many thanks for pens received this afternoon - that was a very fast service and they are excellent as are the Diamine inks of which I will be ordering other colours. The Imperial Purple is a beautiful shade and all the inks flow very well in the Italix pens. Please feel free to use this in any advertising or on your website.
Best wishes for 2009.
Kind regards,
Philip Lawton
31 December 08
Good Morning,
I just wish to thank you for the Sheaffer Fountain pen I purchased from yourselves just before Christmas, it was a gift for my mum, hence the engraving that you did for me, but its the most beautiful present I have seen for some time!! I just felt that you should know how happy we are with the quality of the pen and the engraving! The whole service you offer - the pen, the engraving and delivery, is absolutely second to none and I just wanted to thank you!! I have already been asked by everyone who has seen the pen where it was from, so I have referred them all to yourselves!! Thank you!
Thank you, very kind regards and Merry Christmas!!
29th Dec 08


Just a quick message to let you know that the ‘gold’ pen arrived safely and writes beautifully.

 Many thanks

 Have a good Christmas and best wishes for 2009 

Mrs B

24th Dec 08


many thanks for pens received this morning. They are excellent and i will be ordering more in the new year. Every best wish for Christmas and 2009.
Philip L

24th Dec 08

Hi Peter

Just wanted to say: Thanks for the excellent service.

The pen arrived today!

Thanks again

The Republic of Ireland
17th December 2008

Mr Pen,

What a superb service. Thank you for a very informative website and excellent delivery of great products.

12 Oct 08

Dear Mr Ford,
I would like to thank you for the excellent service that I have received from you.  All the goods were received the next day and in such perfect condition.  All the fountain pens that I bought (as well as the ink) were beautiful, and the glass pens were exquisite.
I would also like to thank you for your sincere assistance, which in this age, seems so rare.  I will wholeheartedly recommend your services to all friends, colleagues and acquaintances
It has been a pleasure doing business with you.
Best Regards
17th Sept 08
ps.  i would also like to thank you for your kind consideration in sending the sheaffer ink.  It was very thoughtful of you.
pps.  if you wish to use any or part of this email for a testimonial, please do not hesitate in doing so.

Just a short note to say thanks for the excellent service & product (order ****)
The Gift box & engraved plate as well as the engraving on the Pen makes for a great personal touch. My daughter was very pleased with the Gift as a well done for successfully passing her GCSE's & moving into 6th form education

Again Thanks & Regards  
25th August 08

I called yesterday to ask your advice and to purchase a present for a relative.  I just wanted to tell you the level of customer service you provided was wonderful.  The goods arrived at 7.45am today (less than 24 hours after placing the order) and are absolutely perfect.
I will certainly use your company again and recommend you to friends and family.
Many thanks again for your sound advise and excellent customer service.
Kind regards
23rd July 08
Just letting you know the italic nibs arrived today, and I have surprised myself by preferring the fine one.  When buying the pen I chose a broad nib, as this is what I remember using years ago, however, I must tell you I am very pleased with the pen, and I know I will enjoy using it.
4th July 08
Thanks for such quick delivery the pen set is great my dad will love them.
28th May 08
Thank you my pen order arrived this morning as you said and its great.
Your contact and delivery service have been excellent and very easy to deal with. I am also very pleased with the slightly different style pen with the Gold edging, it looks fab.
Many thanks
20th May 08
Dear Mr Pen
We have just received our pen today - and its fabulous, just what we wanted.
Many thanks for your excellent service and fast delivery!
I'm sure we will back with more orders.
Thank you!
30 April 08
Milton Keynes


Just a quick note to thank you for the pen!! My husband was blown away!!
The parcel arrived  promptly on Tuesday (as specified by your web site). Brilliant!
Kind regards

10th April 08


Hand written letter:

I would like to say thank you very much for sorting out my Cross pen a couple of weeks ago. It writes brilliantly again and I would like to say I was very impressed by the customer service.

I would definetly recommend you to all my friends and family and will surely be buying my next pen from your website again.

Thanks again

Dr. AS

23rd Feb 08


Hello Mr Pen People

 Just a note to say how thrilled we are with the pen we received today (and the engraved bit’s great too) … it’s a present for our lovely boss from us, her small team of D*****  ladies (for her 50th) and we are all chuffed to bits with it - she’ll love it!

 So thanks for great service and products, from the D****** girls.

 Best Regards
12 Feb 08

Hello Peter
Just to let you know that the medium nib has just been delivered.
Outstanding customer service and thank you once again for your very kind gesture.
Kind regards
16 Jan 08


Absolutely fantastic service. Ordered yesterday, here today! Not often is such good service available, Will definitely remember this

11 Jan 08


The pen we sent this customer had a scratch.

Dear Mr Ford,

 I just wanted to say thank you for the superb service I’ve received from you. The new pen was safely received last week and it is in perfect condition, I very much appreciate the replacement. I will of course be recommending your services to anyone I know who’s in the market for a new pen!

 Best wishes and thank you again,

 J H

6 Jan 08

It's J M
Just a quick e mail to thank you for your time yesterday in selecting the Parker Sonnet Verdigras.
Excellent choice, delivery and service.(scarce commodities in this day and age!)
Will both recommend & use you again
Once again many thanks
4th Jan 08


Dear Mr Ford,
firstly, thank you for your prompt and very kind service. I have received the pen and it is beautiful. My partner will be exceptionally pleased - thank you. It was an absolute pleasure doing business with you; I would have no hesitation in recommending you and indeed have already done so. Please feel free to paraphrase this as a testimonial on your website.
Further to this, would you be kind enough to confirm whether there is any particular type of ink you recommend and where we can purchase the cartridges for it when travelling? I should have asked at the time but I was so excited about the pen, I forgot.
Many thanks and very best wishes,

30th Nov 07


This is to inform you that I received the pen today.  I very much
appreciate your personal attention and your quick responses, from my
first inquiry to my most recent email.  Thank you again for your help.

30th Nov 07


Just to confirm safe receipt of the Waterman Carene pen with plaque – we’re very pleased with it.

 Thanks again for a really good service.

 Best wishes

Debbie 23rd Nov 07

Dear Mr Pen, your parcel arrived this morning about ten thirty, and I
wouuld like to express my thanks for your prompt service and the
comfortable manner in which my order was dealt with on Sunday morning
last, who ever it was that spoke to me via the telephone could not have
been more helpful and obliging, of course I have not opened the parcels,(
they are gifts for two young friends) but if the contents are halfway as
good as the service that provided them you will have a very satisfied
customer, with grateful thanks and very best wishes.
Rochester Kent
23rd Oct 07
I would like to thank you for your very efficient service when i recently
ordered a Parker Sonnet fountain pen as a retirement present. It was very
much admired and greatly appreciated by the recipient.  Your service was
exceptional and you will certainly be highly recommended. Thank you very
28th Sept 07
Letter received 24th of Sept 07:
The Parker pen I ordered yesterday arrived safely this morning and fully meets my expectations. I am sure my son for whom it is intended as a gift will be very pleased with it. I am most grateful for the prompt and efficient way in which you dealt with my order.
Yours sincerely
Thank you for the speedy and efficient service. Pen ordered on Friday afternoon, and delivered 8:30 Saturday morning.Wow.
24th Sept 07
Dear Peter

Many thanks for the new stuff, which I got today. I'm much happier 
with the Parker.

Thanks very much for your excellent service, your patient attention 
to detail was much appreciated. I will recommend your website to all 
my friends.

Kind Regards
7th Aug 07
Hi Peter
I received my order yesterday - thank you very much.  We are delighted with our pens.
J B (Mrs)
1st August 07
I spoke to yesterday on the phone about how pleased I am with the pen and
the service you provided. I would now like to put it 'in writing' for you to
use as a testamonial.
My colleagues are also thrilled with it. The recipient will be delighted
which is the most important thing!
Best wishes from Sue Smith
ps We will most definitely be recommending you to others
19th July 07
I've just taken delivery of two Sheaffer pens and filled in this weekend's marriage registers. The pens are superb - it's been a long time since I completed the task so swiftly, neatly and without inky fingers.
Thanks very much for an excellent quality service and for your splendid advice.
Holy Trinity Church
& satisfied customer!
3rd july 07


Thanks. All received. very efficient service. Will bear you in mind for the next Barmitzvah I don't want to go to but need a nice present for.......
11 June 07
Hi Peter
I just wanted to thank you very much for such excellent service.  The pens arrived this morning and look fabulous!

PA to Diretor of Human Resources
7th June 07



Just to say thank you very much for your excellent service – pen ordered last Thursday, arrived Friday!

Most impressive.   It is a lovely pen (everyone in the office will know it is mine!) and writes beautifully, reminding me how old and battered my old one was!  

Thanks very much
29 May 07


Just a quick note of thank you, my wife has just telephoned from Scotland to say how wonderful the pen is and what a pleasant surprise to receive it– thanks for helping to make her day.



Just a quick note to say thanks for the great service.Pen arrived today as promised and my other half was thrilled with it.
People are always quick to complain and slow to say thank you.
I am not sure if and when i will be in the market for more pens but if i know anyone who is i will send them your way.
Thanks again
Neil 12 May 07

Dear Mr Ford
I have just received my order this morning and an delighted with the products and the quick delivery.
Thank you
Kirstine 19th April 07

When I lived in the UK I found your service excellent. As I'm now in Australia, I still wish to use your company.
Donald MacIntyre.

Dear Mr Ford,

Thanks once again for replacing the Parker Sonnet that I originally
ordered from you with a Pelikan pen with double broad nib.  My wife is
very happy with the Pelikan and is happy with the width of the nib.

Thanks for all your help and patience, it is very much appreciated.

1st Jan 07

Many thanks for the prompt service in supplying this order. The cartridges arrived today. If I am aware of any friend or colleague looking for similar products, I will be more than happy to recommend your company.

9th Jan 07

The new nib is working well thank you and the faulty one on its way back to you.

I would like to thank you for such an excellent service, the whole family have been truly impressed by the prompt responses and delivery and will be telling everyone about Mr Pen!

I can't believe how lucky I was finding such a good company on google listings.

Well done and thanks again.

29 Dec 06

Wow... Can I just say what a fantastic service you provide... I have book marked your web page and will be telling everyone about you. Thanks
15th Dec 06

Dear Mr Pen

Can I just say a big thank you for your superb service.  Yesterday afternoon I placed an order on your website for an engraved pen and pencil set.  This morning the set was delivered.  I am totally amazed I thought like most other companies I would have to wait 7 - 10 days.

Once again, thank you for your fast service and delivery.

17th Nov 06

Dear Mr Ford

I would like to thank you very much for supplying me with ink cartriges and a nib for my Sheaffer ink pen. I would like to point out that I found you to be polite and efficient. I will most definitely be placing my future orders with your company as I have in the past. Thank you once again.

West Yorkshire
15th Nov 06
(Hand written letter)

I've just recevied the Sheaffer converter from Mr Pen - many thanks, I've been looking high and low for one; I thought I needed to order one from the US. But you supplied the goods.
Many thanks,
RS 7 April 05

The order of 4 pens arrived today, all beautifully inscribed.  Thank you
very much for your help in this, the magnificent service and the free
upgrade to a more expensive pen - once again I am delighted by the way I
have been dealt with.

I shall of course continue to use your service and also will have no
hesitation in recommending you to friends and colleagues.

Thank you very much again,

David S.
31 March 05

Hello Peter,
      I'm just dropping you a few lines to say a very big "Thank You" for
the pens that arrived on Friday. After the recent loss of my old faithful
Sheaffer fountain pen that was bought by my parents when I was at school (a
long long time ago !!) it's an absolute pleasure to be able to write with
an instrument that flows smoothly across the paper again. I've tried a
couple of other "quality" pens but none can compare to the Sheaffer.
      Your excellent service and friendly approach (and not forgetting of
course your knowledge of writing instruments) is so very refreshing these
days. I will definitely be doing business with you again and will recommend
you to my friends and family.

Many Thanks & Best Regards, Paul
15th March 05

To Peter Ford and all at Mr Pen,

I am delighted to say that my “Churchill” arrived at 08:40 on Saturday the 12th March, in pristine condition.  Your customer care is exceptional, and I thank you for swift response in dealing with the issues I had.  You have secured me as a future customer of “Mr Pen”, it is so refreshing in this disposable age to know that there are still some companies out there that will go the extra mile to ensure that their customers are delighted.

I just recieved my pen, and it's gorgeous.  Love it, and I hope my
boyfriend will too.

Thank you so much for your excellent service; my pen, which arrived safely in Italy on Tuesday is exactly as I'd hoped & so well packed too.
Kind Regards Judith
3 Jan 05
Dear Sir,
I would like to say thank you for your amazing, speedy service. The
pens arrived today and I am really pleased by both of the quality of
your goods and service. I have received a very good recommendation to
know your online-shop. I  will surely order again.
Best regards,
(Ms) QB (Budapest)
2nd Jan 05
Dear Mr. Ford,
I recently placed an order with you for several packs of Shaeffer ink cartridges. Again, I am amazed by your prompt and efficient service. The cartridges arrived the day after I ordered them. I am so happy!
Best wishes,

Yours sincerely, Neil S - Gloucestershire

Mr Ford,
Parcel safely received today, what excellent service. The grey ink is quite thrilling. Many thanks for the convertor, I look forward to using my old friend again.
Regards and thanks,
Dear Sirs,
I have recently placed an order through your internet shop for a 'Cross' pen for delivery to Malta for my cousins 18th birthday.
I am pleased to advise that I have received an email from my Aunty to let me know that the parcel has arrive today (less than 1 week!) and in plenty of time for my cousins birthday.
Thank you for your very efficient service.  At this moment in time, I can only assume that the contents of the package are correct!, however, I am very confident that all is well as I have been very impressed with everything about my dealings with you.
I will most certainly recommend your company to my family and friends and with such good service you deserve to be successful.
Yours faithfully,
18th Jan 05

Just to let you know my wonderful Brilliant Red ink arrived this morning -
thank you for the VERY SPEEDY service...

I plan to order lots more of the vibrant colours...

Many thanks


I recently ordered a replacement nib for a Cross pen from you.

I just wanted to thank you for a fast and efficient service. I wish all
internet sellers were as courteous and efficient
as yourselves.

Many thanks.

James M
17 Nov 04

Hi there,

I just wanted to say how pleased I have been with the service provided by ‘Mr Pen’.

My order was pretty late notice but the deliver was right on time and the pen was superb, a perfect 30th present for a close friend.

Many thanks for your help, I shall be recommending your services to all J

Kind regards

12 Nov 04

I would just like to say that I have received the pens this morning and complement you on this exceptional and speedy service. The pens are excellent as is the engraving. It is very refreshing in this day and age to deal with a business that is so customer focused.
Thank you very much, I will have no hesitation in using you for further purchases and recommending you to others.
28th Oct 04
I'd just like to take the opportunity to say that the delivery was incredibly efficient, arriving the day after the order.  I was most impressed, and it is exactly what I was looking for as my daughter has the same kit and I have had some difficulty tracking it down, as promised to two of her friends. Thank you very much.
Yours sincerely C H
London W14

Hi there

I have ordered pens from you quite a few times now and have been very impressed with your service but yesterday you excelled yourself!  I placed my order at 1.30pm yesterday and received it today complete with engraving on the pen and the plate.  Incidentally, the free plate is a great touch.

I have just tried to leave a review on Trustpilot but it wouldn't accept my order number for some reason.

Anyway, many thanks for a truly first class service.

Best regards,
Audrey Reece 
Payroll & HR Officer
15th Nov 11

Just emailing to say thankyou for an exellent service. The pen arrived beautifully gift wrapped and i am sure my partner will be delighted when he receives it. I would certainly recommend MrPen to others looking for a highly knowledgable and efficient company. Many thanks again.

14th Nov 06

I ordered a pen at 3.39 yesterday, and was astonished to have it delivered at 9.00 this morning. The pen was beautiful, and I was amazed at how quickly you had managed to have it delivered.  Thank you so much for doing such a great job.

Yours sincerely
11th Nov 06

I am writing to express my thanks for your prompt and efficient delivery of my order.  Ordered yesterday aftermoon  and delivered this morning - excellent.  Would happily use you again and recommend you to friends.
Many thanks
Spoke to you on phone earlier today re: 'modern'  fountain pen for 21st birthday present. Offered two choices - thank heavens it was only two! Very torn between your suggestions; both suitable and so right. After much dithering, have ordered the 'Plasma' simply because has convertible filling system. Hope the choice was the right one!
Valued your advice so much. Could not have discovered these two pens without your extensive knowledge of options available. Am also happy that my £30-£50 price bracket was not treated with disdain for this special present. (Not a lottery winner yet you know!)
I am sure both I and my son (on November 27th!) will be delighted with this pen. Again, thankyou.
North Yorkshire
19th Oct 06
I'm writing to thank you for the courteous service and as promised the pens arrived when you said they would. I was originally keeping one and giving one away as a present but can't decide which one to keep as both are beautiful pens. I may need to keep both.
Thanks again,
29th Sept 06
Good morning Mr. Ford,
Thank you for the time and courteous advice yesterday on choice of suitable pen for my daughter-in-law's birthday.
It arrived this morning at 9.10am duly gift wrapped.
Many thanks,
7th Sept 06
Alison's birthday today and she is absolutely delighted with her pen. I would like to thank you for your time and great service.
3rd Sept 06

From an article by Oliver Kamm
13th November 2006

"Pens aren't luxury items. What matters is what you do with them. The casing is therefore of trivial significance compared with the nib. Because the most legible and attractive writing is based on the italic script, the best nib to use is one that has a stubbed point (so the handwriting alternates with thick and thin lines across the page). Inevitably - because the weight goes on the right of the nib (if you're a right-hander) - the stub wears down on one side within a few months, whereupon you either need to cut the nib again further up or you have to replace it. This is true however expensive the pen, and however precious the metal that the casing is made out of.

Rather than buy Bulgari, it's better to go for a manufacture of pen where the nib - or the entire nib unit - can be replaced inexpensively and regularly. I have no commercial interest in this company, but I can recommend one retailer that was so concerned at the lack of this type of pen on the market that it launched its own. The company is called Mr Pen, and if you go to the menu on the left of its home page and click on 'Italix' you'll arrive at its own brand of italic pen with separate nibs. The pen is around £50 and separate nibs are a fiver each. This is the only pen that I own, of any type. You need no other, and indeed any other type of pen is liable to do your communications more harm than good.

Pens aren't luxury items. What matters is what you do with them. The casing is therefore of trivial significance compared with the nib. Because the most legible and attractive writing is based on the italic script, the best nib to use is one that has a stubbed point (so the handwriting alternates with thick and thin lines across the page). Inevitably - because the weight goes on the right of the nib (if you're a right-hander) - the stub wears down on one side within a few months, whereupon you either need to cut the nib again further up or you have to replace it. This is true however expensive the pen, and however precious the metal that the casing is made out of.

Rather than buy Bulgari, it's better to go for a manufacture of pen where the nib - or the entire nib unit - can be replaced inexpensively and regularly. I have no commercial interest in this company, but I can recommend one retailer that was so concerned at the lack of this type of pen on the market that it launched its own. The company is called Mr Pen, and if you go to the menu on the left of its home page and click on 'Italix' you'll arrive at its own brand of italic pen with separate nibs. The pen is around £50 and separate nibs are a fiver each. This is the only pen that I own, of any type. You need no other, and indeed any other type of pen is liable to do your communications more harm than good. "


  I just wanted to email and say thanks for the excellent product. It 
arrived on the Wednesday (as stated) and it got an excellent reaction 
("Thankyou for the presents they are ace, i absolutely adore the pen 
its the lushest ive ever seen. I must confess i nearly had a baby 
lol!!!!" - taken from an email thanking me for the pen).
  I'm definitely considering ordering another pen, for myself this 
time, as both your web-site and customer service was fantastic.
Nothing short of excellent in my opinion. I'll be recommending you to 
anyone who wishes to buy a quality product.

  Many thanks.

I just wanted to let you know that I am delighted with my Italix pen which arrived safely today.  So much so that I am going to order another.
With thanks
New Abbey
22nd Aug 06 

Dear Peter,

It was a pleasure talking to you yesterday, and I just wanted to write you a swift note to thank you for your superb customer service, as the pen arrived as ordered about 30 mins ago! The pen is exactly as described. It is a rarity nowadays to find an organisation that actually does as described with such efficiency. Be assured I will be recommending your services to anyone in need of a pen!

Thanks again!


N. T.
Operations Excellence Director
19th July 2006


I have just received the Cross pen set I purchased for my fathers birthday.
It is absolutely beautiful!  It also looks great in the presentation box.

Thanks for all your help and advice!

30th June 06
Hi Peter
Just a note to say that the pen arrived on Saturday am as you said....I am delighted with it and thanks for the blue refill....in short excellent service
thanks again
3rd June 06
Dear Peter
Safely received my pen this morning. I am absolutely delighted to have
it back working once more, many thanks for your efforts on my behalf.
best regards
9th May 06
This morning I received the pen that I ordered yesterday and I wanted
to say many thanks for such an amazingly efficient service.  The pen is
for my niece's 18th birthday so I am absolutely delighted that it
arrived in time.
Many thanks again
28 April 06

Mr Pen, Thank you for the excellent service and superb pen.
I will visit against to buy some new ink colours in the near future.

 My Best
26 April 06

Hello Mr Pen,
What joy arrived at 7.55am today.  It is easily the best and the most expensive pen I have ever bought and I am VERY pleased with it.  Wish I had met you when I lived in Harrow many moons ago - come to think of it, you might not have been there all that time ago.(70s).
The ink bottle had come adrift from its packing but no damage was done and the pen is EVERYTHING I could have wished.  The last time I had a proper pen was in the 1940's.
MANY thanks
7th April 06
Would just like to congratulate you on excellent service... received A1 order in under 24 hours!!  Thank you.
V. G. (Very satisfied customer!)
15th March 06
Many thanks! The pens and cartridges arrived this
morning. What swift and efficient service.
Dear Mr Pen
Thank you for the extremely prompt delivery. Am very pleased with the items sent too and the brass plate was spot on. Was a little worried due to close proximity of son's graduation date. Would certainly reccommend you.
Yours Sincerely
P M C 1 March 06
The pen I ordered from you last week arrived safe and sound this morning and I would just like to drop you a line thanking you for the wonderful service you provided and the absolute top quality goods you've managed to get for me.
I'm totally impressed with the pen and your company.
Best regards
D McA - Edinburgh
25 Feb 06
A letter from a customer:
Dear Mr Ford
Please find enclosed a medium nib. I have decided to stay with the broad, now that I have had the opportunity to try them both. I must thank you for the complimentary Sheaffer Ink and again for the exemplary service. I will certainly be using your company again in the future.
CB 23rd Feb 06
Thanks for such a great service. This is exceptional and I concur with another customer's comments that some of the big business websites should learn from you.
Quick delivery, job done as specified. You are highly recommended. You bet your site is among my favorites.
Thank you
2nd Feb 06
Dear Mr. Ford,
I am delighted to inform you that my Sheaffer pen and refills arrived safely today, Tuesday 31st.
I have been impressed with your handling of my order right from the beginning and will have no hesitation in recommending you to my colleagues and friends.
Best regards
31st Jan 06
Excellent service and product - many thanks - will be back to get more in the future.
24th Jan 06
Just a quick email to thank you for the excellent service, I was immensely pleased with the pen and the engraving work also the speed of delivery, and I can say I will recommend you to anyone that is interested in purchasing a new pen.
Mr T P
29 Dec 05
Just wanted to say how delighted and impressed I was with the purchase I made from your website.  The speed of delivery was amazing and the whole process was a dream.
Many other online retailers could learn a lot from you.
Merry Christmas to you all.
Thanks again
19th dec 05
The pen arrived safely and in a beautiful presentation case, I have purchased this pen as a birthday present so I have my fingers crossed that it will be well received.
Thank you for your prompt service once again, it is always very re-assuring when purchasing items from yourself to know that the delivery will be prompt and the quality to the highest of levels.
Thank you,
N. D. S
I received the Italix PA pen today Monday morning after ordering late on the previous Friday.
I can honestly say the quality is excellent for such a reasonably priced pen.
I use ink pens and dipping pens for my artwork and after seeing the quality of this pen I have been inspired to order a fountain pen for myself for everyday use in the near future.
Once again many thanks and look forward to dealing with you in the near future.
Best regards
Bill Ritson



I would just like to e-mail you in expressing my thanks on the service you provide.

I have just taken delivery of an order i placed only yesterday and I have the order with me now.

thankyou so very much

18th Nov 05


Just a quick note to say thank you for the excellent service on my recent order. I ordered an engraved pen set with a date and was heavily impressed with the thought behind a phone call from you to check the date was correct. It is extra details like that which really make the difference and I can say I look forward to buying from you again.



4th August 05

A postcard Received after Cross Townsend Herringbone Fountain Pen was delivered to the customer.

Dear Mr Ford

Thankyou for your delivery of this fine writing instrument. It does write very nicely and I am very chuffed at the regimental (well not quite dark enough but pretty close) ink.

Thank you also for the complimentary ink. The pen is truly good quality, less obvious than sterling silver pen and should serve for many years and many letters to come.

Major M.R
12th July 05

Hi Peter

Received my pen on Friday and have to comment on how pleased I am with it – your service, the packaging – everything excellent. I’ll recommend you to anyone.


11 July 05

Hi Peter

My order arrived today and I wanted to pass on my thanks for your excellent customer service – I’m delighted with my pens!

Kind regards, Paula 6th July 05

Thank you for sending me the Conway Stewart fountain pen ---- it is superb!!!   I was very impressedc with your astounding efficiency------ I have never had such excellent service.  I look forward to remaining a  loyal customer for many years  
Yours J B
11th June 05

Thank you very much for getting to me the Cross Verve Selenium Pen with
engraving, it's just perfect and the timing really was better than

Again, I appreciate your efforts.

Kind regards

10th June 05

I ordered this lovely ball point on Fri 27 May and the postman was at my door to deliver it on Sat morning at 10am. I am delighted with the pen, with your expert packaging and with your super fast service – I wish I had ordered more!

I hope to do business with you again in the future.

30th May 05

Hi Peter

Just a quick note to say thanks for turning around our order so quickly
and efficiently. The pens arrived today and I'm very pleased with them.



Dear Peter,

                I would like to thank you for your constructive advice about my choice of pen which was clearly borne of an in depth knowledge and love of fine writing instruments as well as a personal insight into the hearts and minds of those who share this passion. Rare indeed are these attributes of which you can be justifiably proud. Having completed the transaction over the telephone just yesterday, I was amazed to receive my perfectly engraved pen today. With such a high level of service provision, your business deserves to flourish. The Cross Verve is a superb fountain pen, enhanced by the vivid colours of the diamine ink. Thank you.

Dr. H.W.O
27 April 05

 8th Sept 04

Goods arrived this morning in perfect condition. Thanks for the excellent service
Prof, DH.  Dundee

15th Aug 04
Hi there
Just a note to thank you for the superfast response to my order for Cross ION refills.
They arrived first post the next day
T W of Camberley
Dear Mr Ford
Just a note to say that the order of inks (plus the inkwell you included) arrived safely this morning at 6.45 am. I had a very enjoyable breakfast unwrapping the parcels and looking at all the inks, and working out which of my pens to use with the different colours!
Thank you for your excellent service.
Best wishes
Ms JD of Derbyshire
29th June 04
Thank you for your excellent service. The pen I ordered over the weekend
was there when I came home from work today (Monday).

M P-J of Bridgend
Dear Mr Ford,
I wanted to thank you very much indeed for the superb service you provided to me in the purchase of a Cross fountain pen.  I bought this, through your website, as a present for a friend who was leaving the Army after 35 years service (which coincided with his fifty fifth birthday).  You very kindly arranged for the pen to be inscribed, gift wrapped, included a card and dispatched all with the minimum of fuss.  It arrived on the day required and proved the ideal present.
I would have no hesitation in using your services again and would recommend them to friends and colleagues.  I am more than happy for you to use this endorsement should you wish to do so.
Again, thank you very much for the superb service you provided to me,
Yours sincerely,
Lieutenant Colonel
R Signals
I just wanted to say thank you for the extremely prompt and friendly service that you provided.  The fountain pen gift set I ordered for my husband's birthday arrived the next day and he is very pleased with it.  Thanks again for the excellent service.

Just a quick note to say thanks for the advice you gave me over the phone regarding a replacement nib for my Cross fountain pen.

You have saved me £65!  What's most impressive is the unbiased advice given which had your customer/potential customer's interests at heart.

PS - I retrieved the nib from the waste pipe - bought some Cross cartridges and now have a perfectly working pen.

Thanks again


5th Oct 03 Written in copperplate handwriting:

Dear Peter

Thank you for recommending the Sigma fountain pen to me. It is first class quality and the nib is suitable for all kinds of handwriting styles. It has been some years since I have written with a pen of this quality, so I am a bit out of practise.

Yours Truly

G.B. of Harlow

19th Aug 03

I just wanted to say thank you for such a speedy delivery of the watch I ordered yesterday. The engraving looks lovely and I am very pleased with it.

Thanks very much

25 July 03
Package arrived safely this morning.
Thanks very much for the excellent service.
M. D.
Mr Ford,

Just a quick line to thank you for the prompt delivery of the Cross.

It's always a pleasure to deal with businesses who deliver when they promise

Best regards,

25th June 03
Dear Mr Ford

I would like to tell you how delighted I am with my Sheaffer Prelude pan and the excellent service I received from you.

Sincerely C.S. Derby.

16th April 03
Dear Peter,
I received the nib early this morning and have already tried it out.  It's perfect!!

Thanks so much for your quick order and despatch.  I've been looking for that nib for quite some time, and it was nice to order it and receive it in less than 24 hours!  rest assured I will be coming to you for all of my pen needs from now on.
Thanks again
N. G.
18th March 03
Just a note to thank you very much for your speedy response - we are very pleased with the end result. It was very easy to order through your website and I will certainly recommend you for any future leaving gifts we might wish to give !!
Kind Regards


Replacement item arrived this morning, extremely well packaged and in pristine condition!

Many thanks for your time and the excellent service from your company.

Kind regards,


I recently placed an order for a sheaffer prelude pen, I would just like to
thank you for your excellent level of customer care and service.
Both the product and the service could not have been better.
Once again thanks
L B - Lincoln
Just wanted to thank you for the prompt service. Ordered at 11.55 a.m. on the 30th Dec arrived at 07.30 a.m. on the 31st Dec, pretty impressive.
I must admit to being a little sceptical when reading the testimonials companies place on their own websites, but you lived up to your reputation. I can now give the pen as a present on the 2nd Jan.
P.C. 31st Dec 02

Many thanks for such prompt service. The pen is lovely especially with the engraving - maybe my husband will not lose it this time! It is a pleasure (and unfortunately a rare one) to receive such excellent service. I   had searched all over Southampton for a quality pen and had no luck. Glad I found you on the internet.

B D  11th Dec 02

Thank you.I am extremely impressed to have received my engraved pen
today 6 December just 1.5 days since I placed my order.This is a
fantastic service, one I only wish other firms were able to copy. Thank
you and I shall definitely be recommending you to all my friends and

Thank you, the pen arrived Monday, having been ordered on Saturday very impressive!!

NB - Berkhamsted
28th Oct 02

Thanks Peter my pen arrived 08.00am it's a wonderful piece of craftsmanship, it writes like the breath of an Angel.
Regards M. McN - Rossendale
26th Oct 02

Just to let you know that I received the pen this morning.  It is beautiful and I'm really pleased with it.  Thanks so much for dealing SO promptly with my order.

Kind regards
HY - Warwick
26th Sept 02