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Why the internet is a great place to buy quality pens.
Quality pens are not as readily available as they once were, twenty years ago nearly every stationer, all branches of stores like W.H.Smith and Boots had their pen counters with huge displays of Parker, Sheaffer and Cross pens. Modern mass merchandising does not lend itself to the retailing of such items where customers of the past could obtain leisurely advice from trained retail personnel and examine fine pens in detail before making what was often a once in a lifetime purchase. Opportunities to obtain such items are now the province of the large department store or the specialist retailer in the shopping mall, options that are not always convenient. The Internet offers a unique opportunity to make such beautiful items easily available to discerning people who wish to own, use or give a pen of quality.

The importance of owning a fine quality pen.
A precious pen like a fine watch is all about ownership, the desire to own a prestigious writing instrument. Additionally when you write to someone with a fountain pen or sign a letter with ink it is a great compliment to the recipient. Quality pens improve writing and give a sense of satisfaction that an inexpensive ballpen could never do. A beautiful pen makes a thoughtful retirement gift, anniversary, birthday, or a present to say thank you. What better way to say "I love you" than an engraved pen that will make that statement every time it is used for the rest of your life.

Some people may say that a quality fountain pen is impractical for everyday use? I think the opposite, I use mine for practically everything, from taking notes from telephone calls, writing orders and even shopping lists. To me writing with a fountain pen is so enjoyable, so why restrict that enjoyment?

I have been fascinated by fine quality pens since I packed myself off to a Parker pen training course in Bush House London when I was just sixteen years old back in 1963. I spent some years as a sales representative for the Sheaffer Pen Co and my love of Sheaffer as one of the premier manufacturers remains ever strong.

Who makes the best pens.
Who makes the best pens today? We have been very selective in the brands we sell at MrPen, we prefer classical design like Legacy from Sheaffer, Parker Duofold, Waterman Carene and the traditional near design perfection of Pelikan. It is also nice to see the resurgence of Conway Stewart as a manufacturer that is so quintessentially English. Of the newer makers I am very impressed with the Sigma range, fountain pens beautifully designed and crafted and still made in a workshop in the traditional way. We have introduced our very own Italix brand pens. We were disturbed by the larger makers deserting the italic pen market (with the exception of Parker and Waterman) within the price band of £50 to £75 so we commissioned our own. The Italix range offers a choice of fourteen nib styles. In fact so successful has the Italix brand become, that it now out sells all our other brands put together.  We send Italix brand pens around the world, and the independent reviews have been staggering. Just Google 'Italix Parson's Essential' and you will see what I mean.

Try a pen at home.
We welcome your telephone calls and we are free with advice and help. You can try any pen in your own home, check it out for balance and smoothness, and if you are not delighted return it for a full refund. All we ask is that you do not fill the pen with ink rather dip it in the ink to try your selection. We also ask that you do not select engraving unless you are certain you wish to keep the pen. A pen can always be returned for free engraving at a later stage.

Our standards of service.
Our aim is to become the very best pen company on the worldwide web by offering a level of service second to none.

  • To endeavour to maintain a full stock policy and dispatch orders within twenty-four hours, and that includes engraved pens.
  • To deal with customers questions,queries and complaints with fairness and courtesy.
  • To give honest advice on products always biased to the best interests of our customer.
  • To offer an aftersales service over and above even that of the manufacturer.
  • To buy only the finest products available from the industry's best makers.

If we fail to keep these undertakings, let us know and we will take the steps needed to rectify our procedures or standards of service.

Same day dispatch

People often ask us when they will get delivery of their order. They ask this in spite of our same day dispatch claims, so let me be really clear on this. If we receive your order by 3.30 pm on any weekday, this includes engraved pens, we will dispatch the same day. Orders received on Saturday or Sunday will be dispatched Monday. Even though we run a full stock policy, we can go out of stock on occasion, in such circumstances the customer will be advised by return email when delivery will be made.

My personal choice

I love my Sheaffer Legacy and Sheaffer Valor, however I use an Italix 'Parson's Essential' almost all the time. It has free flowing characteristics which make it a skip free writer and so very reliable.

Our Special Offers
We are very fortunate in having close relationships with our suppliers. Major manufacturers have a problem when ending production of any specific model as they will usually have a number of pens remaining. Sometimes these end of line products consist of just a dozen or so, or maybe at other times several hundred. The major stores are not interested in such oddments but with our national base of customers we certainly are. We can also buy whole consignments, for us purchasing 500 pens at a time is not unusual. Current offers include Cross Townsend fountain pens from as little as £39.99 inc. VAT, a large selection of special edition Cross Century ll and Sheaffer offers. Quality pens have never before represented such good value.

If you do decide to purchase a pen from MrPen we know you will enjoy using it and the pleasure of owning and writing with a quality pen will last your lifetime.

Peter Ford
MrPen at P.J.Ford & Associates Ltd

Peter Ford is a member of
The Writing Equipment Society


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