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Cross Showroom Clearance

A unique collection of Cross products
We were offered an entire remaining showroom stock of Cross Pens. The pens have never been sold to a consumer, but some pens may have been written with in the showroom, all of these pens have been cleaned by us prior to sale. The gift boxes, although Cross, may not be the original they may also be less than perfect. These pens are in some cases classics but unlike Cross pens sold elsewhere in this category, they are unused and therefore brand new. Some product may show blemishes where they have been picked up and tried out.
One Only

Cross Chrome Century Fountain Pen

Fountain Pen Medium
One Only

ATX Green Rollerball


One Only

Cross Century ll Black Silver Set

Fountain Pen and Ballpoint

One Only

Cross Townsend Black Chrome Rollerball

Tuxedo Model Rollerball
One Only

Century Chrome Set

Fountain Pen and Ballpoint
One Only

Century Chrome Set

Fountain Pen and Ballpoint with leather case

Cross Century Copper Ballpoint

Matt copper finish

Cross ATX Ballpoint and Pencil Set

With leather Cross case
One Only Red

Small Cross Ballpoint with Notecase

Part of the Cross 1848 series with red notecase

Cross Townsend Black Ballpoint

Matt Black

Cross Plain Black Ballpoint

3 only

Cross Bright Chrome Plain Ballpoint

Cross Century Sea Green

Limited Run