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'Fountain pens can be infuriating, some write too dry, some too wet, and some do not tolerate specific papers. However, we have thousands of customers who would claim that their most reliable tool is their fountain pen. I would include myself in that number.' MrPen

Note: Fountain pens start from as little as £6 but for a quality pen with a steel nib you will need to look at a price from £35, for pens with a solid gold nib the starting price is usually in excess of £100. Fountain pens have very special advantages not only do they improve handwriting but they bring an added unique interpretation and style to the written letter. We offer 50 different colours of writing ink thereby making your pen your personal trademark.

The flag symbols throughout the site represent the origins of the original manufacturer and not where the products are currently made. Makers have products made in their own factories and elsewhere. if you wish to know the origins of a specific product, please advise and we will do our best to give you an accurate answer.

What makes MrPen different than its competition?

  • We can engrave your pen or put a personalised plate on the gift case.
  • Next day delivery whether engraved or not.
  • Our stock holding is substantial, we are rarely out of stock.
  • We are here during business hours to answer your question by telephone or online.
  • We offer free gift wrapping.

GOLD NIBS Call us on 01895 672537.

  • Solid gold nibs are in 14ct or 18 ct gold, 18ct is the softer of the two.
  • Gold nibs are flexible and tend to show the characteristics of the handwriting. This is because the nib flexes giving width to certain strokes when slight pressure is applied.
  • Gold nibs are everlasting as long as the pen is cleaned and treated carefully.

STEEL NIBS Call us on 01895 672537.

  • Steel nibs either plated or unplated are less expensive than gold.
  • They have a harder feel but some users prefer this.
  • A quality steel nib is still long lasting and will give many years of service.
  • Ideal for figures and handwriting where flexibility is not the criteria.

NIB TYPES Call us on 01895 672537.

  • Nibs come in Medium (choice of 80% of customers), Fine and Broad. Some makers offer wider choices like Extra Fine, Italic, Stub and Oblique. We also have a tiny number of nibs which are double broad or even broader.
  • On most pens the rounded pellet on the tip of the nib is coated in alloy to facilitate a 'key' with the paper. This pellet writes with the same line width regardless of stroke provided the pen is being used without too much hand pressure. They also work well when used by both left or right handed users.
  • Italic nibs are blunt ended this gives thin and thick strokes but only a few makers offer this option. Sigma, Italix and Parker (Duofold). We may have the odd remaining nib in other models so it is best to telephone if you have a special requirement.
  • MrPen can grind a conventional nib to create an italic option. This is possible with most plated or stainless steel nibs and a minority of solid gold nibs. If you need advice on this free service offered when you make a purchase please call on 01895 672537.
  • We have obtained a small supply of 18ct Cross Century nibs Oblique, Double Broad, Medium and broad italic. These are the genuine Cross product.
  • Oblique nibs are cut away usually to the left hand of the nib tip and are favoured by left handed uses. Oblique pens write with same characteristics as the italic pen.
  • Stub nibs have a slight pellet at the tip of the nib giving an italic stroke but less pronounced.

THE ALTERNATIVE and COMPLIMENTARY  Call us on 01895 672537.

Quality ballpoint pens are refillable and will give long service between refill changes. Refills are inexpensive, about £2.  The design and quality construction of the refill makes it less likely to become blotchy when used for a prolonged period. Most models are twist action but some still use the one handed press button.

Rolling Ball pens.
Have a very 'liquid' ink in some respects giving the feel of a fountain pen without the stroke characteristics. The refill will be shorter lived than its ballpen counterpart. The pens of this type most often have caps rather than an action.

Porous Point, Plastic Tip or Fibre Tips.
A minority of makers offer this option the most prominent being A.T.Cross.

Propelling Pencils.
Pencils use a thinner lead these days, usually 0.5mm or 0.7mm. A minority of makers like Laban still offer 0.9mm leads. Makers are offering fewer propelling pencils and some are discontinuing models. If you prefer to use a pencil now is a good time to buy. Most are pump action, some are twist and pump and a tiny number are still the traditional twist. The advantage of a propelling pencil over the conventional woodcase pencil is the consistency of the writing line and the facility to rub out errors. Still a great choice for the daily crossword or for note taking.

We can engrave on most pens, but some surfaces like metal give a superior result.  If there is no panel for you to insert your engraving requirement at the point of order then assume it is not offered on that particular pen. However we may still be able to attempt an engraving but there may be drawbacks, if you telephone we can advise you on the pros and cons.  For technical reasons on specific pens we may only be able to engrave lightly, this may be because the undersurface of the pen may show through and spoil the effect. We use a diamond engraver similar to the jewellery trade, this cuts the surface but leaves it plain. We also utilise our new system controlled impact engraver which is very versatile.  We do not print pens or laser engrave, however we can colour fill some engravings. We can in certain circumstances engrave your company or organisation logo on the pen, please telephone for assistance.

Telephone 01895 672537.
We encourage our customers to telephone us because such a large pen site as MrPen with so many products can be very confusing for the first time buyer or gift customer. We list products by maker and model but because it would be difficult to have sub listings by price, filling system, nib type, etc. a telephone conversation can help to clarify your potential choice.

  • It is not essential to be sitting in front of your computer when you call as we can always tell you where to find the product on the site for later reference.
  • If you have a budget let us know so that we can point you in the direction of the pens that represent the best value. We have more pen offers than practically anyone else on the internet due to our special relationships with manufacturers and substantial buying power.
  • No question is too trivial we are happy to give you all the time you need.

We are based in the UK but supply world-wide therefore prices are shown without VAT. The website will calculate VAT at checkout but if you are window shopping add 17.5%. You will also need to add £6 for delivery of pens. All pens are sent 'Special Delivery' no other postal method ensures next day delivery in the UK and it includes insurance as well. We are able to track Special Delivery parcels so in the unlikely event they do not arrive at the guaranteed time we can tell you exactly where they are. Some of our competitors use 'Recorded Delivery' this does not guarantee delivery nor is it traceable, if a Recorded Delivery package gets lost it could be weeks before the supplier can facilitate a replacement we on the other hand can instigate a replacement immediately.

Engraving Notes

MrPen offers three styles of engraving.


Mr Pen can engrave pens and brass plates instantly.

Engraved Plate for the Gift Case

Make your Gift or Presentation really special.

Engraved Plate for the Pen Case.
Note: Available only when purchased with a pen.

Engraved Logos

We can also engrave logos and designs

Italic Pens

We have them!

Italic Nibs

Italic Nibs, Nib Grinding and aftersales.

Nibs the definitive

Customers sometimes dispute our nib descriptions.

Do I need an oblique nib?

Some people can find that an oblique nib can help the writing process. How do you know if you need an oblique?

Nib writing guidance

Nib size guidance. The styles are representative and not actual writing samples.

Taking care of your new pen

Look after your new pen and it will last several lifetimes.