• Description

MrPen offers three styles of engraving.

It is important to note the following before choosing the style of engraving.

Not all styles are suitable for all pens or brass plates.

Free block lettering is very plain and is ideal for slim pens as it can be clearly read. It is also perfect for all engraving but the results are very plain a good choice where identification is the most important factor.

'Shadowed' (£3) the effect depends on which engraving machine we use. These days we try wherever possible to use our computer controlled engraver which gives consistently good results, in which case we select the style 'Casper Open' if the manual engraved is used we use block letter style and move the letters slightly then engrave a second time, to produce the effect.

Script (£3) is the most popular style but on very slim pens it can be indistinct.  These days we try wherever possible to use our computer controlled engraver which gives consistently good results, in which case we select the style 'Fine Hand'  if the manual engraved is used we use a script style which we would classify as a Regency style.

Old English can be very striking but is less suitable for slim pens and certain surfaces. It is ideal for just initials (but not on slim pens) or on brass plates which are fixed to pen cases, even then long sentences are not advised, if used for a name or initials only, the results are excellent. Please note this style features letters like 'H' which can appear as an enlarged lower case letter, this is normal and is not an engraving error.

Block lettering is £3, Script £3 per pen and Old English a supplement of £5 per pen.

We will engrave as instructed so please be careful with spelling, punctuation and the use of upper and lower case letters. Some pens are not suitable for engraving either because the surface is of certain type of acrylic or a metal which is not stable enough to accept and engraving. However with our new additional engraving machines we are able to offer good results on most surfaces. Polished surfaces like chrome, silver and gold plate engrave the best because of their reflective finish. Pens with a skinned surface like Waterman Expert also engrave well as the brass liner shows through the engraving. All pens are different when it comes down to engraving, please telephone if you would like advice on the best surface for engraving.

We use engraving machines similar to that used by the jewellery trade, the engraving is cut into the surface there is usually no colour fill, however a wax fill can be used in certain circumstances. We add a colour fill to some engraving but the depth of engraving is only slight therefore the colour will not last long, however it enhances the look of the engraving which is useful if the pen is for a gift or presentation. We do not print pens or offer lasering. The 'Elmer' manual engraving equipment can only operate using the three fonts so logos or special type styles are not offered. MrPen also has computer controlled impact engraving, this is offered for brass plate engraving for the pen gift case and increasingly on the pens themselves. The computer impact engraver is used on pens where it is suitable to engrave on the barrel rather than the cap. In the case of the impact diamond engraver the selection of the typestyle is much larger, we can also engrave logos and images. It should be noted that images and logos are not recommended for the actual pen unless the logo is of style that suits an along the barrel engraving, our machines engrave along pens not around them.

Some of the product options on the site do not offer engraving, that is because engraving is either not possible on that particular pen or the result is potentially of an indifferent quality. However we are happy to discuss the possibility of engraving on any pen but the potential result is best outlined on the telephone or by email first.

Please do not select the engraving option if you are unsure of your choice of pen, engraved pens cannot be returned for refund or exchange. Remember you can always return the pen for engraving later.