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We have them!

Our rather odd headline is because many manufacturers have discontinued pens with italic nibs. Sheaffer and Cross have both made an exit from this niche market. Having said niche probably 10% of our customers prefer the italic as their first choice. It is stated that there is no demand for italic pens anymore, why then do we sell them every day? It comes down to lazy retailers who simply want to minimise their investment in stock. After Sheaffer stopped offering the italic option on its excellent Prelude range we commissioned our own brand 'Italix' and we offer 15 low cost nib options for the range, at £49.50 plus VAT they come close to the Prelude pricing. Two models are offered by Italix, 'Original' and 'Pocketo'. Sigma have supported us with an excellent Italic and Oblique options for their 'Style' models. Parker continue to offer the Sonnet and Duofold with italic options as do Waterman. We now offer the plated nib Sonnets also with an italic option.

We are, in certain circumstances able to regrind a manufacturer's nib to italic and tip it with alloy. If you are determined to have a Cross or Sheaffer italic pen we will endevour to assist. Please see panel below.

Budget price italic pens are still offered from Sheaffer and Parker both as individual pens and in excellent sets.