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Italic Nibs, Nib Grinding and aftersales.

Manufacturers like Waterman, Parker and Sigma still offer italic nibs within parts of their ranges. Our own brand 'Italix' is dedicated to italic pens. MrPen will also custom grind nibs for models that do not incorporate italic versions within their offering. Straight italic, and oblique, both right and left handed can be produced.

Grinding nibs will remove some of the iridium tip (where iridium has been used by the maker) however enough should remain to give the nib a long life. In certain circumstances we may use silver solder as a tipping agent if retipping is needed. In further cases the nib may be left without any tipping material at all.

An original standard medium or broad nib is used as the component to be ground. We will grind the nib pellet flat (The pellet is the tip of the nib)  and then hand finish it to shape required. Sometimes we remove the pellet altogether and grind the tines (the tines are the split point of the nib) this may leave the nib shorter than the manufacturer's original. Nibs are individually polished but may still take a while to 'run in' .

It should be understood that custom ground nibs may not be covered by the original manufacturer's guarantee. This service is only offered on new pens that are sold by MrPen, the service is not offered for customer's existing fountain pens.

If you accidently damage the nib (a short drop on the point for example) we may be able to straighten it for you. If the nib has fractured then straightening it back to a perfect state is unlikely and a chargeable replacement may be the only solution.  Again we only support the pens we have sold, such a service is often offered as a free service to those who are our patrons.

Footnote dated 29th June 09: We have just acquired a small number of Cross 18ct gold nib units in italic, oblique and double broad. These fit the Century ll series of Cross Pens.