Italix Nib Sections and Spares

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Italic, and conventional Nibs for the Italix Brand Pens, inc. Parson's, Churchmans etc.

  • Hand ground nib units
  • Choice of widths and styles
  • Metal Threads
  • Gold plated fittings
  • Made in Germany

Parson's Essential Nib Unit.

Note: It is not a good idea to buy spare nib units for the Parson's or Churchman's. Nibs need to be inside a cap to be kept ready for use or they will dry out and ink deposits accumulate on the 'feed' . This means that the nib unit must be cleaned before it is stored away for later use. It makes more sense to buy additional complete pens.

We now offer nibs on their own rather than a nib and feed. Do not go for this option unless you know how to fit the nib. We cannot warranty against damage.

See information below.

Grip the nib and feed together with your thumb and finger, pull out from the nib unit. If it is stuck with dried ink, give the unit a soak in warm plain tap water. A slight wiggle of the nib and feed will bring it clear. Do not use force.

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